Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 12th April 2023 Written Episode Update

Ghum hai kisike

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein, April 12th, 2023: Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai expresses that forgiving Virat wasn’t a favour on her part; it was necessary for her to let go of the bitter memory of him choosing Paakhi over her. Virat reassures her that there’s no need to worry, as they can build a new world together. Sai acknowledges that everything is beautiful and better than before. She mentions how their son now sees her as a guardian angel rather than a sorcerer. Virat agrees, stating that they can explain the situation to Vinu and nurture love in his heart so that he sees Sai as his mother.

However, Sai firmly believes that such a scenario will not happen, as Paakhi and Virat will always be Vinu’s parents. She adds that she will never disrupt their family. Years ago, when Virat expressed his desire to give their relationship another chance, she also had the same wish. They were married once, but now he belongs to someone else, making it futile to try to mend broken ties. Reuniting again would only harm the bond between others and result in something impossible.

Hearing this breaks Virat’s heart. Sai affirms that she is right; she cannot give their relationship another chance and become his wife again because someone else rightfully holds that position. Virat resolves to explain the situation to Paakhi and asks if she would have left him if Paakhi hadn’t returned.

Virat acknowledges that her return to his life has been challenging. Sai states that she won’t take someone’s husband away, destroy a home, or do something that she despises Paakhi for. Since the beginning, Paakhi was a factor between them, and they fought many times because of it. Sai saw Paakhi as a second woman, but she couldn’t become one herself.

Virat is shocked by Sai’s words. She emphasizes that he can visit Saavi anytime and things can go back to how they were before. She is clear that she cannot give their relationship a second chance.

Sai questions the situation, asking him to stop. Virat shouts at the musicians to leave and wait, asserting that he doesn’t love Paakhi and doesn’t have a husband-wife relationship with her.

Sai reiterates that she won’t return to his life as his wife because they are like two banks of a river that can never unite. They can’t ruin the lives of those around them. Virat, devastated, believes she is being foolish and realizes that he can’t lose Sai again.

Sai travels in an auto, recollecting Virat’s words, and gets out of the auto. She walks on the road aimlessly. A speeding truck is about to hit her when Aabha pulls her away and asks why she appears so tense.

Sai reveals that Virat wants them to give their relationship another chance. Aabha asks what Sai wants. Sai confesses that she feels happy because she has always loved Virat and managed to handle herself well after leaving him. But now that Virat wants to return and lead a happy life with her, she can’t destroy someone else’s life to become a second wife. However, she feels that she is destroying her own beautiful dream.

Sai thanks Aabha for helping her resolve her dilemma. Aabha advises Sai that when faced with two paths, one beneficial for oneself and the other for others, choosing the path that benefits others brings inner peace.

Sai returns home, and Saavi mentions that Aaji/Usha called and expressed her sadness without Sai’s presence. Sai suggests that they all shift to live with Aaji. Saavi states her desire to stay with Baba. If Sai wants to see Aaji sad, she can visit Baba and Vinu Dada often, or they can come to see her. Sai explains that they can’t all shift together because Vinu Dada will stay with his aayi, and Baba will stay with his wife and Vinu Dada. Saavi suggests that Sai marry Baba, but Sai deems it impossible since Baba is already married. Thus, they should stay with Aaji. Sai comforts Saavi and embraces her.


Saavi informs Vinu that they are shifting to live with Aaji and Usha. Vinu notices Sai packing her bags and asks if she is going somewhere. He urges Sai to stay back, as he now considers her a guardian angel. Bhavani calls Virat and implores him to stop Sai from leaving the house immediately.

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