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Angad informs Sahiba that he called Keerat because he wanted to visit Sahiba’s shop and coincidentally found her there. Sahiba questions why he called Keerat when he already knew the shop’s address. Angad explains that Sahiba was unwilling to talk to him, so he called Keerat to gather information about the shop. Sahiba wonders what he would do with the knowledge of a shop that no longer exists.

Manveer enters and mentions that she heard Angad went on a drive with Veer and is glad to see her son recovering well. She informs them that she has arranged a langar service at the gurudwara in Angad’s name and asks Sahiba if she would like to accompany them. Sahiba agrees to go. Manveer expresses surprise, assuming Sahiba would decline due to her hatred for Angad. Sahiba clarifies that she, like everyone else, prayed for Angad’s life and will definitely visit the Gurudwara to pray for him.

Kiara returns home feeling tense and picks up her phone to inform her boyfriend Jatin about her pregnancy. Accidentally, her pregnancy report falls, and a servant picks it up. As Kiara’s friend calls her, she walks away, shouting that she will talk to her later. Angad and his family reach the gurudwara and start praying. Sahiba prays alongside Angad. Kiara also joins Sahiba in her prayers.

Jasleen and Garry are surprised to see Kiara in the gurudwara and question her presence. Kiara explains that she passed her exam today and came to thank God. Angad and Sahiba serve langar to the devotees. Seerat asks Garry to pray with her, but he humiliates her and walks away. Seerat then approaches Angad and expresses her happiness at seeing his quick recovery.

Angad credits Sahiba for taking such good care of him. He rejoins Sahiba in serving the devotees. Seerat contemplates whether to inform Angad about Garry’s mistreatment, but she notices that Angad is always busy praising Sahiba. Manveer asks Japjyoth if the family members can have langar now, and Japjyoth agrees. Seerat slips and accidentally holds Angad’s hand. Jasleen notices this and thinks that Seerat always seems to be around Angad, and Angad is always there to help her.

The family returns home and discusses the successful completion of the langar service. Veer mentions that Manveer looks happy after a long time. Manveer asks why she shouldn’t be happy when her son has recovered well. Veer suggests thanking Sahiba for taking good care of Angad and helping him recover. Akaal suggests that Angad should start working again.

Angad suggests seeking Garry’s help at work, but Akaal sternly refuses, considering Garry a backstabber, and asks him to seek Veer’s assistance instead. Veer happily agrees. Gurleen notices a report on the table and becomes happy after reading it. She shows it to Manveer, who stands shocked, followed by Inder and others.

Akaal asks what has happened. Gurleen reveals that Sahiba is pregnant. Angad is shocked. Kiara realizes that it’s her report and fears that Sahiba might reveal the truth. Manveer and Inder say it’s impossible since Angad and Sahiba never consummated their relationship. Sahiba lies that she is pregnant to protect Kiara. Angad is left stunned.


Seerat congratulates Angad on becoming a father. She notices Kiara entering Sahiba’s room and decides to follow her. Sahiba questions Kiara about her presence, worried that people will discover the secret she is trying to hide.


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