Teri Meri Doriyaann 16th Jan 2023 Written Episode Update


A Written Episode Update for Teri Meri Doriyaan 16th January 2023: Angad is captivated by Seerat’s beauty

Barfeer notices Santosh peeping into Angad’s room and wonders who she is and what purpose has brought her to her son’s chamber. Gurleen then reveals that she is the mother of a girl whom Angad had taken care of when she sprained her leg. Santosh speaks up saying Seerat is her daughter, and they enter the room together. Barfeer inquires about Seerat’s condition, to which she replies that it is much better now since Angad has been kind enough to help her out. Jasleen remarks that Seerat appears quite comfortable in flirting with Angad even in front of his mother. Barfeer informs Angad that his grandfather was calling for him, so he leaves the room immediately after. Seerat worries about how she would find his contact information or come across him again until Santosh gives a discreet gesture, which makes Seerat hide her earring underneath Angad’s pillow.

Darji remembers Inder informing Bebe that the gift he had for her was a medal for all the years she spent with her husband. As she enters, Darji reiterates his words, causing him to feel dejected. Meanwhile, Angad heads towards Darji’s room when Garry stops him and teases him that he brought a girl on a date straight to his chamber. Angad blushes while Kid appreciates Seerat’s performance. He smiles as Garry supposes once she captures Angad’s heart and mind, he will take her away from him in revenge for winning a mall project instead of him. Entering Darji’s room, Angad inquires if he called for him and sets the conversation on the competition. Most of the girls were unable to dance to the very end and Jaspal and Veer propose they announce the draw. Kimi Aunty’s daughter was noted as doing very well by Garry but it is Seerat who captivated them all and thus Angad decides that she should be announced as the winner and gets support from Daarji.

Sahiba returns home somewhat disheartened. Her father Ajit enquires as to why she is so dejected and she reveals that Kuljeet had told him about her actions. She proposes punishing Kuljeet, but Ajit reassures her by acknowledging that whatever she did was for the benefit of her mother and sister’s wellbeing. Sahiba goes on to explain how delighted Seerat and Santosh were with her actions, yet questions why she remains upset. She recalls Angad’s impertinence and acknowledges that certain people had tainted her mood. Ajit then wonders why she didn’t come home with her mother and sister, to which she answers by explaining how ill she felt and so had come back home instead. Ajit checks her pulse before suggesting a kadha/herbal decoction would help her condition, but Sahiba states such things aren’t necessary as she is alright now. He then jokingly offers to become a doctor, a chef, a coolie or even a joker if it would mend his daughter’s spirits and the response works wonders. Finally, he agrees to make some refreshing tea for Sahiba which causes another positive reaction in her demeanour.

Santosh is happily sipping tea with Barfeer, Gurleen and Jasleen, talking about her riches. Jasleen inquires whose guest she is, upon which Santosh gets uncomfortable. Gurleen puts two and two together and suggests that she may be from Inder’s side. Santosh confirms this, continuing to dramatize the situation further and making Jasleen even more suspicious of her identity. Ajit brings some tea for Sahiba who hides her finger injury and takes the beverage with her left hand. He questions whether or not she had visited a prosperous family for work recently, to which Sahiba responds affirmatively while describing the arrogance of Angad’s family barring one or two members, recalling every detail of the incident. This leaves Ajit in a state of worry regarding Santosh and her daughters, causing Taiji to ask him to relax as his concern was mainly for those around them instead.

In his pillow, Angad notices Seerat’s earrings and thinks she is special. Seerat asks Taiji where her earring came from. Sahiba says she’ll go and look for it all the way to Brar mansion. Santosh yells at her to let Seerat search for it herself. Sahiba notices Seerat left her mobile at home and walks behind her.

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