Teri Meri Doriyaann 17th Jan 2023 Written Episode Update


When Santosh saw the doctor examining Seerat, she became apprehensive. Jasleen asked why she was so tense and Santosh replied that since Seerat was okay, there was no need to check her. However, the doctor said that she couldn’t determine the actual cause of Seerat’s problem and hence more tests were needed. Santosh suddenly yelled at the doctor to leave but then quickly realized it was just her imagination and reassured everyone that they’d take Seerat to their family doctor. After thanking the doctor for coming, Barfeer requested them to stay till after the dance competition had finished. Jasleen agreed as she wanted to first find out who they were before letting them go. She asked Barfeer and Gurleen to make arrangements while she would look after their guests.

Angad announces Seerat as the victorious one in the dance competition, and everyone cheers in joy. She rushes up onto the stage, grinning wide. Angad then fixes a chain and pendant around her neck. Santosh is pleased, but Keerat recollects Sahiba’s humiliation and his rage builds. Santosh silently prays for the two lovebirds to remain together forever. Kiara expresses that this choice is unjust whereas Garry says there’s no such thing as fair or unfair in love and war, given that Seerat won over Angad’s heart before earning the trophy. Even Veer agrees that Angad finds Seerat attractive. Kiara ponders upon what lies in Angad’s eyes but soon realizes what she can see within Garry’s gaze; something she will soon come to know about.

Sahiba worries about Santosh and Seerat, who hasn’t returned home yet. Ajit, sure that something must have happened, asks if she said something. Sahiba remembers the humiliation they caused her at a party and decides not to tell Ajit. She suggests he calls Santosh to find out. Later, Angad ordered aloe vera juice with extra ginger and ice as Sahiba requested. He compliments Seerat on her health consciousness, inquiring what her morning routine is like – waking up at 6 am and finishing yoga by 10 am – including meditation, walking and catching up on the news. Angad remarks that those who wake up late miss out a lot.

Santosh imagines what Seerat and Angad’s marriage would be like. Jasleen notices her daydreaming and asks what she was thinking. Santosh responds that they make a great couple. Jasleen is curious to know more and before she can ask, Ajit calls her. She quickly disconnects the call, saying it is the media calling to interview Seerat. Barfeer realizes Angad has gotten lost in thought of his beloved and goes up to him, suggesting he greet other guests as well. Santosh agrees with this and Keerat points out their car has arrived. Angad insists on dropping them off at the vehicle, but seeing how far away it is from their present location, Seerat declines and decides she will go alone instead. Jasleen offers to escort her, leaving Angad with the rest of the guests. Santosh takes this opportunity to slip out unnoticed by pretending to talk to her driver Bablu, making a hasty escape in an auto-rickshaw as she goes. Jasleen catches this from the corner of her eye and smiles; she is certain that Seerat will be perfect for Angad and makes sure no one else learns about Seerat’s past or

Seerat asks Taiji where her earring went missing. Sahiba says she will look all the way to Brar mansion for it. Santosh yells at her to let Seerat search for it herself. Sahiba reaches Brar mansion. Angad accuses Sahiba of returning to take revenge on his family and warns her he will imprison her. Sahiba asks Seerat to speak.

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