Anupama 7th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Anupama written update

Maaya promises Anupama to make her birthday memorable

Maaya recollects Anupama and Barkha condemning her for making use of Little Anu. Anupama enters and says that a wife cannot excuse her but a mother’s heart is not made of stone. She says people can call her a doormat but she is a mother. She allows Maaya to stay for one more day but this is the last chance she is giving her. She warns Maaya not to make a mistake by mistake also. Maaya promises she will not do anything wrong now and will not come between her and Anuj. Maaya expresses her gratitude and promises Anupama that her birthday will be a very memorable day.

Anuj and Anupama celebrate bring in her birthday together on the terrace

Anupama is in bed watching Anuj sleep and wishes herself. She says that Anuj must be very tired as the day was very hectic. She prays that everything goes well this year. She again wishes herself and goes to sleep. Just then Anuj wakes up gasping for breath. He starts feeling suffocated and starts walking out of the room. He asks Anupama to take him to the terrace for fresh air. Anupama is scared and wants to call a doctor but Anuj convinces her that she is feeling better. He then shouts for lights on and the entire terrace is lit up. Anuj starts singing Happy Birthday and convinces her that he is completely fine. Anupama starts crying bitterly. Anuj apologizes for wishing late but he says he changed the time on the clock. He pretended to be sick only to bring her to the terrace. Anupama then confesses that she too is not crying but just pretending. Anuj then recites a poem for her and wishes her again.

Vanraj remembers Anupama’s birthday

Vanraj is standing outside his room looking at his watch and remembers birthday. Kavya taunts him that people blame their destiny but they are the cause of their own miseries because they always want what they don’t have and don’t notice what’s near them.

Anuj says just like how luggage keeps coming on the conveyor belt so also problems keep coming in life. We have to live with the problems and learn how to face them. He says she must be missing Little Anu just like he is so they will celebrate the birthday with her during the day but the night is only for the two of them.
Maaya has seen their bedroom empty and wonders where Anuj and Anupama have gone. She looks at Anupama’s photo and tells her to smile because she is planning to give her an unforgettable gift the next day.

Anuj and Anupama spend some romantic moments together. Anuj points out a star in the sky and tells Anupama that he has bought the star for her. Anupama cannot believe that it can happen but Anuj asks her to check on the internet. Anupama is speechless and keeps repeating to herself. She tells her that the star should be named MaAn and not Anupama. He says he will buy a piece of land on the Moon for MaAn.

Anuj gets a gift box for her and says that it’s a gift for her but a return gift for himself. It’s a beautiful dress which she wears.

Maaya walks into Little Anu’s room and sees the card that Little Anu has made for Anupama. She holds the card and says that she too now has to start preparations.

Anupama changes and comes wearing the new dress looking gorgeous. Anuj is speechless and keeps staring at her open-mouthed. Mera Dil to Kitna Pagaal Hain is playing in the background.

Anuj sings for her Aisi uljhi nazar usse hatti nahi. Both dance to the song.

They cut the cake, romance and dance again.

Precap: Maaya is looking out for Anupama and wonders where they have gone and wonders why they could not celebrate the birthday at home.

When Anuj and Anupama reach home Maaya informs them that she could not get the evening flight so she will be leaving the next morning. Anupama asks Anuj if she is going alone or with Little Anu.

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