Anupama 12th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Anuj and Anupama Confront Their Past.

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As she was thinking about your words, Anupama remembered that you had said an online channel would be launched. Anuj asks where she went. Anupama replies Vadodara. Anuj recalls asking Anupama to make food on the channel and that he would romance with her and add tadka to it. Anupama says she had an idea for Joshi Ben Rasoi. Anuj says you remember the idea but forgot the person and the romance.

She says she used to send tiffins to old-age homes as well. She says that life had stopped for 5 years, and Devika came and pushed her to go to America. According to Anupama, you didn’t wait. What did you say? He says you wanted to lock yourself away, and I wanted to be in the world and lose myself. He says you couldn’t handle your identity, and I couldn’t deal with my daughter’s pain. He believes I came to America after leaving everything I had, including my family and business.

In the spa, Shruti calls Anuj, but he is lost in thought and does not answer. Aadhya calls Shruti to ask what they are doing. Aadhya asks what they are doing. Aadhya asks where they are. Shruti tells Aadhya she has leg pain, so she goes to the spa, asking him to wait. Aadhya asks her to tell the truth. The truth is that Anuj had a meeting, and Aadhya is sure he was meeting Anupama. Shruti waits for him to arrive.

As Vanraj asks Dimpy why Titu came there, Dimpy replies that he came to tell me all the best. She asks him to check the CCTV cameras and says he didn’t even come inside, so she is confident that he has installed CCTV cameras in the academy. Kavya asks Vanraj why he kept the camera. Vanraj says it is for her safety and tells me she never replied to me this way. Babu Ji thinks you should have told her if you have kept the camera. Vanraj says it isn’t a spy camera but a regular one. Babu Ji says no one can stop relations from occurring.

Anuj asks what she thought. Anupama says she doesn’t know where life will take her tomorrow. She says she is learning to live in the present, as the past burdens her. Anuj says I thought you had learned and had to think about the past. Anupama asks him about Choti and says Aadhya is a nice name.

Anuj says Aadhya is like her mother, similar in face and behaviour. Toshu, Pari, and Kinjal are all angry with me. Toshu hates me as well, she says, and he asks about others. Anupama tells him she hasn’t seen them in five years; they’re in Ahmedabad. Anuj tells her about him. Anuj says your Kapadia ji’s life ended with you.

Anupama says she thought Choti’s hatred would be less by now. Shruti thinks she should have her favourite cake, but she says she can get fat, but not Shruti Anuj Kapadia because she must be perfect. Anuj says she has anger, and it will melt. Anupama says anger will melt. Anuj says, of course, as my anger has melted.

After five years of pain, tension, and a mountain, this Anuj broke down when he saw her. Anupama tells him that Shruti ji is a lovely girl and is sure she will keep him and Aadhya happy.

As he says, I understand what you are trying to say. Let’s talk about ourselves, Anuj says. Anupama says the matter is over. Anuj says you cannot leave until it is over. He requests her not to listen to him. Anupama says I need to go. Anuj shouts, please. In the restaurant, everyone stares at them. Anuj says, “Please.”.

AK calls Shruti. After she gets to the restaurant, she walks. Aadhya calls her. Shruti says she is going to have her favourite cake. Aadhya thinks I’ll go. Shruti says AK will come and tells her not to worry. Aadhya whispers she does not trust him. Anupama and Anuj sit and talk.


No more pages will be added to this story, and it will end with just a complete stop. Anupama says no, Anupama, I love you and will love you. They turn and look at Shruti.

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