Anupama 5th December 2023 Written Episode: Kavya’s Departure and Family Dynamics Unfold

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Babu ji turns to Kavya and asks her to speak. Vanraj interrupts, saying they can talk about it later, but first, they should order food from outside. He mentions that Dimpy used to order Chinese food from somewhere. However, Babu ji stops him and reminds him that Kavya wants to say something. Kavya then reflects on her time with everyone and confesses that she can no longer stay in the house. Babu Ji immediately questions if they have done something wrong. Baa chimes in, asking for clarification. Kavya explains that she had been staying there, considering the family and home her own, hoping Vanraj would forgive her and accept their baby. She tearfully adds that she never wanted to be separated from the house. Baa assures her they have always welcomed her as part of the family. Babu Ji agrees, emphasizing that it is also her home and family. Kavya then reveals that she only has a connection with the house because someone doesn’t want anything to do with her. She expresses how Vanraj ignores and refuses to talk to her despite being indifferent towards her pregnancy. She admits feeling hopeful every day but losing hope.

Anupama greets Nidhi by saying, “So you are Nidhi.” Nidhi replies that Romil had left his jacket the night before, and she brought it along. Anupama kindly offers to send something for them, to which Nidhi expresses appreciation for Anupama’s kindness and mentions how Romil often speaks highly of her. Anupama admits that Romil never mentioned Nidhi before, to which Romil reveals that she will be joining him on his trip to Boston as she has also been accepted there. Anupama promises to bring something for Nidhi and closes the door, but Romil asks her to keep it open. She reassures him that she trusts her son and closes the door behind her. She reflects on how fortunate Romil will have a friend with him in Boston. As she leaves, she wonders when she will have the opportunity to go to America.

According to Kavya, how can his family be hers if her husband is not hers? Vanraj questions why she is putting on a show. Kavya explains that she wants him to take care of her. However, Vanraj reminds her that he has already taken care of her despite everything she has done and allowed her to stay here. He admits to trying to convince himself that God gave him another son since Samar has left, but he cannot accept him or give him his name. He advises Kavya not to have any expectations from him. In response, Kavya says she will leave, and Vanraj tells her to do so.

Anupama plans to knit socks for the babies of Dimpy and Kavya. As Kavya arrives, she embraces Anupama warmly. Babuji inquires Vanraj about allowing Kavya to stay. Vanraj explains that he did so out of concern for her well-being but clarifies that the baby is not his. Babuji remarks that it results from Vanraj’s actions and urges him to prevent Kavya from leaving. Vanraj insists that he cannot fulfill Kavya’s wishes. Babuji questions why Vanraj gifted him an expensive watch and advises him to return it. Vanraj once again expresses gratitude for Babuji’s forgiveness. However, Baa interjects and voices her disapproval, stating that Vanraj has made a mistake.

Anupama implores Kavya to hydrate herself. The latter obliges and expresses her concern that if Vanraj were to request the same of their child, she questions his response. She reveals that he insists on handling everything alone and shares that he took Dimpy to the hospital without considering her (Kavya). Anupama remarks that Vanraj is filled with remorse for not being able to help Samar. She points out that he used to manage the household single-handedly, yet he was absent in their time of need. Kavya wonders if Vanraj treated her fairly. Anupama responds with a mere “okay,” urging her to rethink her decision and discuss how they can support each other. Kavya suggests having Anupama search for a new home while she sustains herself through online consultations. Just then, Choti interrupts with news of someone calling them.

Pakhi is proposing. Adhik asks what is it? She says she’s proposing to get funding from Anuj. Adhik gives her a reality check, and she asks him to be kind to her. Buddy gave me Talwar’s project because she’s more competent than him. Adhik says Mummy handled it, and you were a trainee. He wishes he proved wrong, and she proved correct. Pakhi thinks she will be the best mother and businesswoman she can be.

There is a complaint about Choti from a couple. A woman says your daughter bullies her daughter. She shows Anupama the chat and says they call her bubbly, chubby, and teddy bear. Our daughter stopped going to school, she says. The lady says if your daughter had done it then. Malti Devi argues with them, defending Choti. Anupama warns them not to say in front of the children and asks Riya to speak.

Riya shares that during the virtual lessons, Anu’s friends and even Anu sometimes playfully taunt her and refer to her as a “teddy bear.” As a result, Anu retreats to her room in tears. Anupama offers to speak with Choti about the situation, and if there is any misunderstanding, they will address it; if it is a mistake, they will find a solution. She also hands Riya a chocolate before bidding them farewell to their parents. Malti Devi expresses her disappointment in Anupama not standing up for Anu. In response, Anupama explained that she had already seen the chat and did not need anyone to instruct her on communicating with her daughter.


Choti refuses to apologize to Anupama and says that she didn’t say anything to Pakhi but scolded her as she was adopted. Anupama and Anuj are shocked.

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