Kavya 22nd February 2024 Written Episode: Adi and Kavya Rescue Asha, Uncover Giriraj’s Deception


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The Episode begins with Asha’s husband deceiving Adi and Kavya, who then gifted balloons to a girl. Adi confronts the husband for his lies, causing him to tell them to leave. Kavya also points out his dishonesty. Meanwhile, Giriraj receives a call from a goon who informs him that his son and daughter-in-law are at Vinod’s house. Giriraj instructs the goon to watch them and move Asha somewhere else. Asha complains of low sugar levels, and the goon provides her with insulin, which she accidentally drops. As she receives a call from Vinod, she faints. A reporter records their interaction as Vinod asks Adi and Kavya to leave. Adi demands answers from Vinod, whom he eventually threatens in the end.

Kavya uses Vinod’s phone to contact Rohit and determine its location. Adi, who knows where it is, directs them to the spot. A goon instructs Asha to come with him, but she pleads for her insulin as she needs it to survive. Adi and Kavya quickly arrive at the scene and fight off the goons while Kavya tends to Asha. Realizing that Asha requires medical attention, they rush her to a hospital. Anurag realizes that their pursuers may also discover them now that they know about Asha’s whereabouts. He praises Kavya for her bravery. Kavya shows concern for Asha’s well-being and asks if she suffers from diabetes before taking her to a nearby clinic where a doctor administers insulin treatment.

Giriraj scolds the goon. Adi and Kavya take Asha in the car. The goons attack. Adi beats them. Kavya and Adi bring Asha home. The inspector says we will get her statement tomorrow. Kavya warns the kids not to cry. Adi says her mom is okay. Vinod worries. He calls the goon and asks what did you do to Asha because she would have died. Kavya follows him. The reporter follows them.

Giriraj is informed by Goon. Giriraj says he needs to call Kavya and Adi. He calls Adi and asks where he is. Adi says he has some important work. He sees Malini coming and makes her fall. He says she fell. Malini says she’s okay. He says I’m coming home. He looks for Kavya. He leaves.

Vinod meets the goon. Kavya kicks the door and asks who is there. The goon asks who are you. She says you need to contact your boss first. The goon says ‘talk to me, I’m the boss’. Kavya beats him. Vinod catches the goon. She scares the goon and says call your boss. The goon calls Giriraj to come quickly. Kavya disconnected the call and switched off the phone. Anurag says smile now, everything is fine, Adi and Kavya are coming home. Giriraj says I have to meet Joshi, and Adi gets home.

Anurag asks where is your wife, and Adi says she went to work. Anurag says she has a little sprain, took medicine, and slept; it’s okay; where is your wife? Adi says she went to work. Anurag worries and calls Giriraj. Anurag sees Omi sitting in darkness and asks what happened. Is she okay? Omi hugs him and cries. He says to him, “I know you know everything, forgive me.”. Adi says to leave me alone. Omi says, “I wish I could fix that mistake.”. He says to Adi. They hug and cry together.

Anurag calls Giriraj. Giriraj arrives at Adi’s house. Vinod says he will leave you, but not soon. Giriraj calls Anurag and asks what’s going on. Rather than going there, Anurag says come back, leave from there. There’s something against you. Giriraj asks what’s going on. Kavya wonders who this man is. Anurag says Kavya is there. She didn’t come with Adi; she just came home. Kavya stops the car. Giriraj hides his face.

After seeing his face, she gets shocked and cries, asking why he risked that woman’s life to snatch my job. He says that you have ruined everything for me.


Kavya calls the police to arrest Giriraj. Malini and everyone ask them to stop.

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