Agnisakshi 15th August 2023 Written Episode | Satvik and Jeevika’s Divorce Drama Unfolds!


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The Episode begins with the Judge explaining that divorce affects both families and questioning Satvik and Jeevika about their knowledge of the term in Hindi. He clarifies that there is no equivalent word in Hindi, so they use the English term. The Judge then asks if they are sure that all hope for their relationship is lost. He proceeds to inquire if they have thoroughly read through the legal documents and whether Satvik has caused any mental distress to Jeevika. Jeevika replies that Satvik has never mistreated her and defends his character. The Judge notes that she did not request alimony and points out her lack of completed education, wondering how she will support herself financially.

Jeevika plans to use her sewing skills for financial support. Satvik suggests that Jeevika continue working as a designer at Savitri Silks and assures the Judge that he will provide alimony, even though she doesn’t wish to accept it. He states that he will take care of his responsibilities towards her as long as he is alive. The Judge confirms if this is their final decision, which Jeevika affirms. Meanwhile, Narayan expresses his concern to Lata about Guru Ji’s sudden puja, but Lata reassures him that everything has been fine since she arrived. Narayan mentions feeling like Jeevika and Satvik are keeping something from them, but Lata advises him not to overthink. The Judge then asks if they both want a divorce, and Satvik takes responsibility for being the one who initially brought it up while acknowledging that now it’s Jeevika’s wish for a divorce.

The judge inquires, “Don’t you desire it?” Satvik replies, “It’s irrelevant. Given what happened between Jeevika and me, this was bound to occur.” Pradeep fervently prays to God that nothing else goes awry for Jeevika. Jhanvi then joins them, declaring she will plead for Aatya’s happiness and acknowledges how Satvik always puts a smile on her face. Pradeep adds that they should pray for Aatya to be united with Satvik. The judge remarks that he has never witnessed such a devoted couple who look out for each other’s well-being. He asks if this is their final wish, and Jeevika confirms it is indeed. With her approval, the judge grants them divorce. As they exit the courtroom, their lawyer hands over the finalized divorce papers. The tune of “Hamari Adhuri Kahani” plays in the background…

Guru Ji arrives at Narayan’s house, and his Shishya asks why he has decided to do puja. Guru Ji explains that it is the ideal time to perform the ritual, and he wants to demonstrate that even though evil may be powerful, it cannot prevail. Satvik and Jeevika join them on the bench. Satvik suggests sharing the good news with their families, but Jeevika insists on informing both sides so they won’t question her intentions. Satvik agrees, adding that he doesn’t want anyone falsely accusing him. Jeevika responds by admitting that she was the one who initiated the divorce and doesn’t want anyone blaming him for their separation. Satvik assures her that he knows the real reason behind their marriage falling apart and asks her not to deny it any longer. He reminds her that they both know that compromise in their relationship was not what caused their separation but something else entirely.

Juhi informs Rajnandini that their Guru ji has arrived. Rajnandini replies that she has no reason to stop him. Juhi mentions the possibility of Satvik and Jeevika’s divorce being finalized. Rajnandini declares that she no longer cares, regardless of who shows up. Juhi threatens to kick Jeevika out with all her belongings. Rajnandini predicts that Narayan himself will be the one to remove her, causing a rift between him and Satvik when he defends her. Jeevika urges Satvik to move on from the past, but he confesses that she doesn’t understand his pain and demands an answer from her.

Jeevika reminds us that we’re running late and need to return home. Satvik asked which home to go to since my house was with you. He then adds that you didn’t just make me helpless but also made me homeless. Guru Ji requests Uday to prepare for the purification of our home, which must be done before the puja. Rajnandini inquires about Guru Ji performing puja. He expresses doubt in her tone, and Narayan mentions how Rajnandini holds Guru Ji in higher regard than anyone else. Lata says it would have been nice if Satvik and Jeevika were with us. Guru Ji assures them that they will arrive before the puja begins. Rajnandini speculates that perhaps Satvik and Jeevika have already divorced by now.

Jeevika denies being Satvik’s home, claiming instead to be a mere habit. She believes it is beneficial for him to break free from harmful habits. Satvik responds with indifference, saying he could even stop breathing. He struggles to convey that Jeevika is not just a part of his life but his entire existence. Jeevika advises him to marry someone who is physically and aesthetically pleasing. However, Satvik emphasizes that their relationship transcends any legal or spiritual bindings. He gives her the freedom to leave if she desires. Jeevika affirms that their separation goes beyond just physical distance.


Jeevika gives Guru Ji the divorce paper file. Guru Ji puts it in the havan kund, shocking everyone. Satvik says this time he will marry Jeevi. They reach home. Juhi asks what is in your hand. Guru Ji says to give him the file.

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