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Agnisakshi 27th July 2023 Written Episode Update on

The episode commences with Shlok expressing to Swara that once Bhaiyya confesses his feelings to Bhabhi, things will change. Upon hearing this, Swara remarks that they won’t even realize how they end up in each other’s embrace, and they eventually hug. As they break apart, Manas observes their interaction. In the meantime, Jeevika arrives home, and Rajnandini notices tears in her eyes. Rajnandini assumes she will be overjoyed, but Jeevika embraces her and cries. Through her tears, she confesses that Satvik had proposed to her, but she turned him down to spare both their hearts. Rajnandini suggests informing Satvik about Jeevika’s love for him. Still, Jeevika insists on keeping it a secret so he can move on and find someone else to carry on the family name.

Rajnandini claims that no one can understand me better than she can. While Narayan is on a call, Jeevika enters the room. Noticing her swollen eyes, Narayan inquires why it seems like she’s been crying. Jeevika responds by saying she fell asleep. Narayan reassures her that Satvik would never purposely hurt her and reminds her that he has always protected and brought happiness into her life. Knowing this, Jeevika expresses her desire to visit home for a few days since she’s been dearly missed by everyone there. In response, Narayan says that when she’s with them, her family longs for her presence and vice versa. He adds that although she may go if she wishes, he hopes she’ll return soon. Jeevika confirms that she plans to leave today as per Jhanvi’s request. Hearing this, Narayan agrees and urges her to return quickly.

They get shocked after Manas informs Shlok and Swara that Jeevika refuses Satvik’s proposal. Swara and Shlok say Jeevika loves him a lot. Manas says Satvik is in trauma and pain, which can be seen in his voice. Satvik comes to his room, but Jeevika is not there. Rajnandini enters the room and tells the girls that God didn’t listen to them, nor could they unite. I understand your feelings and say that you must feel this pain to overcome it.

Jeevika arrives at Manohar and Sukanya’s house. Sukanya inquires about her well-being. Pallavi expresses that they would have appreciated knowing beforehand of her arrival. Pradeep heads out to purchase ice cream. Pallavi checks in on Jeevika’s condition. Jeevika assures her that she understands their concern and not to worry. Pallavi wonders what she means by this. Sukanya asks if she has revealed everything. Jeevika clarifies that she hasn’t disclosed anything, but that doesn’t mean she intends to cause harm. She retreats to her room. Swara approaches Jeevika and asks why she rejected Jiju (Satvik). Jeevika reprimands her and tells her to leave. She regrets her outburst and worries about the consequences if Satvik finds out.

Jeevika wakes up the following day and is surprised to see Satvik lying beside her on the bed. She thinks that if she had known, her dream would be this perfect, and she would have worn a kajal in her eyes while sleeping so as not to wake up. Satvik opens his eyes, reassuring her that the dream will never end before kissing her hand. Still in disbelief, Jeevika reacts by pushing him off the bed unintentionally. As he falls, she demands an explanation for his presence. Satvik explains that he is now a part of their family and asks her to feed him breakfast. He then goes off to ask Swara for food, who in turn goes to their mother for permission. Confirming Satvik’s presence with Swara, Jeevika asks her sister to pinch him as proof. Swara obliges, and Jeevika happily exclaims that Satvik is indeed there despite everything that has happened before.

Rajnandini is taken aback when Lata reveals that Satvik is at Jeevika’s house. Lata describes his solid feelings for Jeevika and questions why Rajnandini is upset. Rajnandini then asks why Satvik would stay after being humiliated. Sukanya expresses her desire for him to remain, to which Pallavi suggests staying at a 5-star hotel since their house is small. Pradeep disagrees and says their home is big enough for Satvik to keep up a few days, but Satvik insists on waiting for months or even years to win someone’s heart. He turns to Swara and asks if she’s happy, to which she replies affirmatively. Jeevika encourages Satvik to talk with her and invites him to come inside.

He walks into her room, and she asks why you are here. Satvik says you were happy seeing me in the morning, like a child who is happy seeing a toy. Jeevika says she thought it was an everyday dream. Satvik says you see me in a dream and asks if I can’t see you. He pulls her, and she falls on him. Agnisakshi plays…..


After signing the divorce papers, Satvik asks Jeevika if she hates him. Jeevika says how can she hate you. Satvik shows her the paper flower and says his love is real.

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