Agnisakshi 10th August 2023 Written Episode: Satvik’s Shocking Revelation, Jeevika’s Dilemma


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The Episode begins with Satvik uttering “pencil” and then quickly canceling his divorce plan. His phone rings, interrupting his thoughts. He stands up and grabs his phone to answer it. Conversely, the lawyer informs Satvik that he has been trying to reach him and Jeevika, but their lines have been busy or out of reach. The lawyer reveals that Jeevika requested their case expedited, and the hearing and verdict are scheduled for tomorrow. This news takes advantage of Satvik. Meanwhile, Pradeep receives a package from the hospital, and the delivery person mentions that it is Jeevika’s medical report.

Jhanvi asks Pradeep to help her with her homework, and he tells her to show it to him. She takes the file and reads it. Pradeep says he doesn’t know much English. He tells her not to touch anyone’s stuff without asking that person. When the file falls, he picks it up and sees the report that Jeevika can’t conceive. He wonders if this is why Jeevika keeps a distance from Satvik.

Jeevika enters the room and kindly suggests that Satvik have some food. He declines, stating that he is not hungry. However, Jeevika insists on helping him eat, as she knows it will aid in his recovery. She feeds him and expresses her gratitude for following her advice. Satvik thanked her for staying up all night to care for him and for ensuring he was fed despite neglecting her needs. He adds that he appreciates mutual care rather than one-sided concern and insists on returning the gesture by ensuring Jeevika eats as well. Grateful for his thoughtfulness, Jeevika thanks him and expresses how much his company means to her. Satvik then takes her hand and reassures her that it’s never too late for them to create new memories together.

According to Jeevika, our destiny is predetermined and cannot be altered. She recalls hearing from me while I was asleep about my deep love for her. However, she struggles to believe that I now want a divorce. Jeevika maintains that we must separate. Confused, Satvik questions why she would want to leave him if she still loves him. Jeevika asks him to trust her, whether he chooses to believe her or not. Satvik reminds her that she learned the truth about our marriage on our wedding day and wonders why she showed so much love and care towards him. He vows not to let their passion fail because of her stubbornness. As tears fall down her face, Jeevika turns away in anguish.

After returning home, Pallavi and Sukanya show Jeevika’s report to her. Sukanya asks Pallavi, “What’s wrong?” Pallavi replies, “Jeevika’s hospital file.” Sukanya asks where it came from. Pradeep asks if you both knew about it. Pallavi tells Jhanvi that they will do the homework. Pradeep asks Jhanvi to go. As Pallavi tells you he was about to tell you, Satvik and his family don’t know. Sukanya says that I told Jeevi about it.

Satvik says I cannot sacrifice my 6 month old love, how can you sacrifice your years-long dream? Jeevika says I don’t want to say anything and wants a divorce. Satvik says divorce…He falls. Jeevika asks if you are okay and asks him to get up. Satvik pushes her and says you don’t have the right to come near me. She says your bandage needs to be changed. She says I don’t want your help. Jeevika asks him to get up and says you need rest. Satvik gets up.

Jeevika instructs Satvik to take a seat on the bed. Sukanya informs Pradeep that Pallavi and herself were already aware of the situation, but Jeevika was not. She adds that she informed Jeevika about it on puja day. Pradeep criticizes her for giving false hope and then tearing it down, while Sukanya defends their actions as being for Jeevika’s good. Pradeep accuses them of betraying Jeevika in a significant way. Meanwhile, Jeevika notices Satvik’s injured and bleeding wound and bandages it. She remarks that he cannot properly digest his food until he fights with her.

Satvik believes I only want to love and fight with you and that even you feel the same; otherwise, you wouldn’t have scolded me. Satvik says I am doing the duty everyone has given me. He says you care for me so much, so why don’t you accept that you love me? He asks when you will lie to me. Jeevika says she needs to give Baba medicine, so she leaves.

The vendor has provided Rajnandini with samples, and she says she will take care of everything. In a phone call with Narayan, Guru ji says that he has sensed that Satvik is a difficult time. Narayan agrees. Guru Ji says he wants a special puja at his house tomorrow. Narayan says he’ll make sure everything is ready. He tells Rajnandini that he has a connection with Guru ji and senses and feels his troubles. Rajnandini wonders what Guru ji will do next.

Jeevika prays at the in-house temple, then offers aarti and prasad to Narayan. He compliments her for supporting Satvik and states that their bond will remain strong. Just then, Pradeep arrives, and Narayan insists he join them for food. He was apologizing, and Pradeep requested to speak to Jeevi. Narayan agrees and steps out for a walk. Jeevika also gives him aarti and asks if he would like tea or coffee.

Pradeep intended to tell me the truth, so he told me to tell the truth and not to lie. He says I saw your operation file, which led me to know the truth about your accident. Jeevika says it was my accident report, not Satyavati Harishchandra’s life story. Pradeep asks her to tell the truth. Jeevika says I’ll be divorced tomorrow and will leave Satvik.


The judge approves their divorce. Jeevika and Satvik are crying. Satvik says that you are hurting yourself.

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