Agnisakshi 11th May 2023 Written Update

Agnisakshi 11th May 2023 Written Episode Update on

In the beginning of the Episode, Jeevika accidentally collides with a guy on a bike while running. She urgently needs to use his phone and calls Rajnandini. However, despite repeated attempts, Rajnandini purposefully ignores her calls. Jeevika informs her about being kidnapped by goons but Rajnandini still doesn’t respond. Concerned about not being able to get through to Satvik, Jeevika tries calling Rajnandini once more, but with no luck. Meanwhile, Rajnandini heads to her room and contacts the goon who reveals they are enjoying a meal of biryani. Rajnandini hastily informs them that Jeevika has escaped and orders them to catch her. The goon reassures her that Jeevika won’t be able to escape and is willing to do anything for their next meal. In the midst of this chaos, Jeevika reaches out to Shlok for help.

Upon answering the call, Shlok is informed by Jeevika that she has been taken by goons. Satvik then takes the call and hears Jeevika’s confirmation of the kidnapping. He reassures her that she will be safe and instructs her to stay put near the Mumbai highway. Jeevika explains that she managed to call him using someone else’s phone. However, before they can continue their conversation, the goons arrive and take Jeevika away while the person who let her use their phone quickly flees. As for Rajnandini, she receives word from one of her men that Jeevika has been captured once again. Just as he is about to take action, Juhi arrives and reveals that Jeevika had called Satvik and informed him of everything.

Rajnandini comes and asks where are you going and says where are you going? He says to save Jeevika and goes with Shlok. Satvik says it will be risky and asks her to stay at home. Jeevika is tied again by the goons. Rajnandini asks the goon to take them out of the city and tells them to kill them.

Jeevika inquires with Mr. Rao about the person responsible, to which he identifies them as a member of her family. She expresses her shock and wonders who could have committed such an act, while Satvik is behind the wheel. Shlok reassures Jeevika that everything will be okay. The unknown caller, using the phone Jeevika had called from, informs Satvik that goons have taken her to a warehouse and offers to send him the location. Satvik asks Shlok to verify the information. A distraught Aadhya cries as Swara comforts her. Rajnandini fears that Satvik will bring Jeevika back lifeless. Upon arriving at the warehouse, Satvik and Shlok witness the goons taking Rao and Jeevika away. Despite Rao’s plea for them to release Jeevika, one of the goons shoots him in the shoulder. As Satvik prepares to approach Jeevika, Shlok notices Rao’s injury and alerts Satvik.

Satvik rushes to Rao, who pleads for him to save Jeevika. He explains that the goon had held a gun to her head and he had tried to distract them before taking off, but they shot him. Satvik quickly requests Shlok to take Rao to the hospital for treatment. Meanwhile, Rajnandini speaks to the goon, questioning why Rao was not killed as planned. The goon reveals that they were about to shoot him when someone arrived and interrupted them, forcing them to flee with Jeevika. In order to protect her own scheme, Rajnandini commands the goon to end Jeevika’s life. As Satvik engages in a fight with the goons, Shlok receives Rajnandini’s call and informs her of Rao’s hospitalization by a friend. She wonders if they will find Jeevika alive or dead. Ignoring her concerns, Satvik continues to battle the goons and defeat them.

Pradeep phones Swara to inquire about her whereabouts. She replies that she came here because she was missing Jeevika. Apparently, Jeevika is occupied with Rajnandini’s schedule. As Satvik emerges from the scene, the criminal threatens to take Jeevika’s life. Satvik and Shlok intervene and urge the goons to let her go. From a distance, Rajnandini shoots at Jeevika who falls to the ground. The two men are taken aback by this sudden turn of events. Promptly, Rajnandini flees in a vehicle and declares that Jeevika is deceased. The man who had held her at gunpoint collapses as he is hit by a bullet also. Satvik pleads for forgiveness and begs Jeevika to open her eyes, while Shlok reassures him that she is only unconscious. The arrival of the police interrupts their conversation as they swiftly transport her in their car for medical assistance. Swara reaches out to Shlok via phone call, receiving confirmation that Bhabhi (Jeevika) is safe and asks Rajnandini to summon a doctor immediately.


Later, Shlok and Jeevika see Supriya and Satvik hugging and Satvik apologizes to Jeevika.

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