Agnisakshi 6th April 2023 Written Update

Agnisakshi 6th April 2023 Written Episode Update on

The episode opens with Rajnandini informing Narayan that she will handle Vohra’s deal while Satvik is away. She mentions that Satvik needs a break. Narayan expresses his gratitude towards his daughters-in-law and praises them both. He then turns to Jeevika and asks if she is prepared to accompany him to Switzerland, instructing her to take all necessary documents from him. However, Jeevika declines the offer saying she does not want to go. Meanwhile, Pallavi enters her room with thoughts about selling a saree for a higher price. Pradeep interrupts her by showing her a photo of Satvik and Supriya together, questioning her if she was aware of their relationship. Pallavi admits that she knew about it.

Narayan inquires about the reason for not wanting to go at this time. Rajnandini explains that Satvik’s work commitments should not interfere with personal life. Narayan then questions whose decision it was. Jeevika states that it was her choice, as she has made a spiritual commitment and must fulfill it by going to the temple for 2 months to perform puja. This revelation surprises Satvik. Jeevika emphasizes the importance of keeping promises made to God and Rajnandini makes an attempt to persuade her otherwise. However, Narayan decides to cancel their tickets and rebook them after 2 months. Jeevika expresses her gratitude while Rajnandini becomes upset.

Pallavi says I came to know seeing the photo. Pradeep asks her, what do you know about her. Pallavi says she doesnโ€™t know anything else about her. Pradeep says if you had told me, I would have cleared this with Satvik. I didnโ€™t tell you, because Jeevikaโ€™s present would have been affected. Pradeep says what matters is Satvik loves Jeevika.

She asks why you are feeling pain, to which Jeevika replies that it is because she lied to Baba, as she knows he won’t come with her anywhere else besides court. Shlok then comes and takes Jeevika away.

Manas calls Satvik. Satvik asks him to do his work. Pradeep says Satvik should answer me. Pallavi says we are girl’s family.

I care about Pradeep’s happiness. Manohar and Sukanya arrive. Pradeep hides the photo. Pallavi says I’ll bring water. Sukanya wonders what they were discussing. Swara says we’ll go to Jeevi Tai. She says Narayan uncle invited us there. Pallavi says it doesn’t look good going there all the time. Swara says don’t come, if you don’t want to go. She takes Aai and baba. Pradeep says I’ll go there and if I find out anything, I’ll send you to your mayka.

Rajnandini informs Narayan that Satvik and Jeevika will be staying together, instead of fulfilling their promises. Narayan confidently assures that they will still fulfill their promises. Aadhya and Juhi arrive at the scene, causing Narayan to state that Jeevika will be delighted to see her family. Soon after, Narayan and Aadhya depart. Juhi expresses to Rajnandini that everyone else was aware of the party, except for them. Rajnandini offers to cut the kite if necessary. Meanwhile, Swara calls Aadhya but Shlok answers and advises her to wear a mask to remain anonymous.

Swara hangs up the call in frustration. Aadhya believes that love often involves disagreements. Shlok predicts international conflict will occur soon. Jeevika discovers the door to the room is shut. As the door opens, she enters and sees the room adorned with decorations. Satvik greets her with a bouquet and wishes her a happy birthday. Curious, Jeevika asks why he did all this. Satvik explains that he wanted to turn her lie into reality and surprises her with all of her favorite things. Jeevika is grateful and mentions that these are indeed her favorites. Satvik confesses he noticed her enjoying these treats on their wedding day, so he arranged for them again now.

He says I hope you like the arrangement and Jeevika makes him have it. Jeevika says yes. He asks if I have to force you to eat it all. She says she canโ€™t eat anything alone. He says he will eat with her and serves her masala puri. After tasting it, Jeevika says it is good. He then asks her to become a friend. She is surprised.

The precap:

Satvik organizes Jeevika’s birthday party, a Bollywood themed party. Jeevika and Satvik dance on Didi Tera Devar Diwana. Dada slaps Satvik.

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