Agnisakshi 30th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Utkarsh’s Disappearance Raises Questions


Agnisakshi 30th August 2023 Written Episode Update on

At the beginning of the episode, Manas inquires about Satvik’s apparent worry. Satvik responds by expressing discomfort at the discovery of Dada being bound by chains and unable to return home. When questioned how he knew this, Satvik reveals physical evidence of chain marks and the doctor’s diagnosis of long-term trauma. Rajnandini attempts to involve Utkarsh in a discussion with the rest of the family. However, Utkarsh becomes angry and physically attacks Rajnandini. The others intervene, with Jeevika pleading for Utkarsh to release her while Satvik also tries to calm him down. Eventually, everyone can defuse the situation and calm Utkarsh down.

Rajnandini becomes startled and takes a sip of water. Juhi reprimands Jeevika, reminding her that she had warned her not to keep Jiju away from Di. Shlok points out to Juhi that Dada left Bhabhi because of Jeevika’s words. Rajnandini puts on an act while Narayan and Lata urge her to keep her distance from Utkarsh. Manas inquires if Jeevika has something on her mind. Jeevika wonders why Dada reacted that way upon seeing Rajnandini. Manas reassures her that everything is fine between Satvik and herself and advises her not to say anything, as everyone blindly trusts Rajnandini.

Juhi notices Utkarsh sitting alone and immediately contemplates punishing him. She reminds him of the restless nights he caused and beckons him to join her in seeing the rakhi. Despite his initial reluctance, she manages to persuade him to come along. However, she realizes that simply bringing him outside is not enough, as she wonders what she will do with him now. She worries about the possibility of becoming too attached to him, like a handcuff around her neck. While she ponders this, Utkarsh heads towards a nearby rakhi shop and admires the display.

Utkarsh also looks for her and comes to the road. Everyone searches for Utkarsh in the house. Juhi comes back and says I will help you, Shlok. She doesn’t let them know she left him on the road. Satvik, Jeevika, and everyone search for him, as well. Rajnandini looks like she is crying. Satvik says I failed to take care of him. Jeevika asks if Dada has left. Juhi gets scared and leaves the house.

Utkarsh attempts to cross the road as cars approach while Satvik wonders aloud about Dada’s sudden disappearance. Jeevika reassures them they will locate him and suggests splitting up to cover more ground. Utkarsh is frightened, and Jeevika spots him in danger, rushing to save him from an oncoming car and leading him to safety. Concerned, Utkarsh asks why she left, prompting Jeevika to quickly inform Satvik that Dada has been found and share her location. Satvik arrives and embraces Utkarsh, questioning his well-being and where he was found. Calmly, Jeevika replies that they found him stranded on the road.

Utkarsh’s smile widens as he gazes at the Rakhi shop. Jeevika announces her intention to purchase a rakhi and confidently approaches the store. Soon, she emerges with a beautifully adorned rakhi for Utkarsh, who eagerly extends his hand. Satvik then reminds them that their grandfather wishes for Jeevika to tie the rakhi on Utkarsh’s wrist. Emotions stir within Jeevika as she lovingly fulfills her grandfather’s request. With a chuckle, Satvik suggests they make their way home now. As they head back, Lata reassures Narayan that Utkarsh will return. Rajnandini ponders if Juhi may be responsible for this heartwarming scene. Just then, Aadhya arrives and joyfully exclaims that Dada has arrived! The siblings finally reach home, where Narayan warmly embraces Utkarsh and asks about his whereabouts.

Satvik enters the room and gazes at Jeevika and their reflections in the mirror. With a kajal pencil, he draws on the glass. Jeevika inquires about his actions. He responds that it is Angel’s reflection. She playfully remarks that it must be a joke. Satvik insists it is not a joke; instead, it is an undeniable truth – she is an angel, and he is human. Jeevika smiles at his words. He then shares a story his mother used to tell him – whenever there was trouble in their home, an angel would appear with her wand and solve all their problems. After his mother passed away, he stopped believing in the story, but then Jeevika came into his life. With her help, they could rebuild their relationship with their father and even bring back their brother, who had left home earlier. He declares that she is his angel now. Before leaving, he expresses his love for her. Jeevika reciprocates by saying that if she has become the reason for his life, then he is the essence of hers – she loves him too.


When Jeevika comes into the room, she falls. Satvik holds her and asks what happened. Jeevika lifts her hand. Satvik sees her stomach bleeding.

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