Agnisakshi 28th March 2023 Written Update

Agnisakshi 28th March 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Satvik asking Jeevika why they are having icecream secretly. Jeevika says Dada and I used to have icecream secretly to avoid Aai’s harsh punishment. Satvik says childhood memories are special. Jeevika says even before my marriage, Dada and I used to have icecream like this. They see Shlok and Aadhya there. Shlok tells her you left my friend’s birthday party and went out with Bhabhi.

Shlok says we’ll have icecream together. Aadhya says we’ll keep your secret. They take icecream from them and eat. Jeevika says Dada and I used to eat icecream without counting. Rajnandini tells Juhi that lata dug her grave by including our parents in the argument. Juhi says Jeevika defended you today, so that’s why you chose her. Rajnandini says she chose her because both of them are emotional fools.

Narayan arrives there. He also enjoys the icecream. He tells Aadhya that such moments remind him of his children’s childhood and how Satvik was simple and honest, while Shlok was mischievous. Jeevika asks him about Udkarsh, who he says kept the family together. He says we had laughed for the first time after he left. Narayan says he is still scared of Aadhya. He says he was Satvik’s best friend, and had taught him cycle riding, car driving, and private jets.

Rajnandini and Juhi are shocked when Satvik thanks Jeevika. Juhi replies, “hum saath saath hai…Lata comes there and says she likes the family picture, since Jeevika, the film heroine, will be with them, while Rajnandini and her sister will be away and envious. Today I’m leaving, but very soon Rajnandini will leave and tell her to begin the reverse countdown.

The next morning, Jeevika checks in with Satvik to see how he’s doing on his day off. He expresses his happiness for yesterday and sincerely thanks her for being the glue that keeps their family together. They share a meaningful look before Satvik invites her to sit down on the bed. Reflecting on moments shared with their late mother, he remarks how she would have been overjoyed to see the whole family together. Satvik fondly remembers how they used to enjoy ice cream as a family and mentions how their mother had once insisted their father bring home some VCR reels, perhaps out of a desire to maintain their unity knowing she wouldn’t be with them forever. Jeevika responds by saying that the party has only just begun.

He says he spends much time in the office and doesn’t want to do the same mistake papa did. He tells him he just listens to Papa and doesn’t speak his feelings to him. He leaves. Jeevika says, Mummy, I’ll make this house my home until I retire.

The doll is also kept by Jhanvi, and she asks Pradeep if he is doing make-up as he is taking a long time to get ready. Pallavi tells her Baba that he will not be as beautiful as her. Pallavi goes to get tea. Pradeep receives a file from Swara to give to Jeevika.

Rajnandini talks to Rao and says I am sure that nobody knows about this company account maya jaal. Rao says it is a secret account. Rajnandini says I hired you because I am confident in your capability and experience. Rao says everyone respects you and will not question you. Rajnandini says I earned this respect by making many sacrifices.

Jeevika remembers Lata telling about Rajnandini. She thinks she might have told in anger. She keeps her stuff in the bathroom. Satvik calls her. A neighbor tells Sukanya Vimla sent her bahu, since she didn’t have a child. Sukanya says she is a good wife, so what is wrong with not having children. Being childless is a big deal, says the lady.

In addition to shaving his face and brushing his teeth, Satvik spits and asks what is wrong. Jeevika brings his coffee. She asks what has happened? Satvik claims this has happened? Jeevika laughs. She says you have kept your cream on my toothpaste cream. If you have made space for me in the bedroom and bathroom, then this wouldn’t have happened. Agnisakshi song plays….

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