Suhaagan 30th July 2023 Written Update

Suhaagan 30th July 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Krish crying and thinking about Payal. Chann se jo toote sapna plays…..He cries and recalls his moments with Payal. He then recalls his words, cries and gets shattered. It is now clear to him why you did this with me, I know your feelings, I wanted you to be my bride, but you refused. I will marry today itself, irrespective of the bride. Bindiya says I am lucky to have such an awesome sister.

Payal believes she needs to dismiss Bindiya and requests for her to leave, stating that rounds will commence. Bindiya informs her that this is the reason why she is seeking her out. Payal reassures her that she will join after taking a breather, dreading anyone witnessing her tear-stained face. Bindiya exits. Payal ponders on Krish’s absence and contacts Nikku. Unable to make out her words, Nikku calls out for Payal. She confesses that she cannot allow the wedding to proceed as planned. Baldev overhears and inquires about someone being around. Alarmed, Payal scurries away, hoping he did not overhear her conversation with Nikku.

Baldev ponders on who could possibly oppose the marriage. As Payal notices the tempo parked nearby, she swiftly pulls down the shutter and rushes inside. At that moment, Baldev appears and contemplates getting rid of the elderly man before putting a halt to the wedding. Meanwhile, the driver arrives and secures the shutter before driving off, with jaunty jai mata di bhajan playing in the background. Payal frantically knocks on the shutter, pleading for him to stop. Bindiya anxiously watches as Payal attempts to intervene. Dadi reassures her not to worry about Payal’s well-being and instead focus on her own marriage. Oblivious to all this, the tempo driver continues to enjoy his music. Despite Payal’s desperate cries begging for an end to this union, she is left knocking on the tempo in tears as it rolls away.

As Nikku approaches Krish, he asks him if he has spoken to Payal. Krish signs him no. Indu sees Krish upset and asks Krish where his smile vanished suddenly. She promises Krish that whatever he wants will come true. Nikku asks Krish why he is reluctant to say. Krish says all the hesitations are over. Krish and Bindiya sit for the marriage.

Pandit ji asks Bindiya to keep her right hand in Krish’s right hand. She follows the instructions. Pandit ji asks who will do kanyadaan. Master ji tells him that he will do kanyadaan and folds his hands. Master ji and his wife come forward to do the kanyadaan. Dadi asks Rose to see what happened to Payal. Payal keeps knocking on the shutter and acting madly. When she attempts to call, the network does not work.

The master and his wife perform the kanyadaan. Payal stamps on the shutter. The driver hears the sound, but ignores it. Rose informs Dadi that Payal is not present.


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