Anupama 27th July 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Anupama 27th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dimple stirs up Samar’s feelings towards his family and commends him for standing up for himself. With their younger age, his family may think they can easily control them but they are not ignorant of what’s best for themselves. Samar questions if they made a mistake by signing a contract with Malti Devi, as others have claimed. Dimpy reassures him that they made the right choice and are working towards being a mediator between Malti Devi and their mother. They want to be present with Malti Devi to inform their mother if she makes any wrong moves. They are genuine individuals who are aiding their family instead.

Samar appears grown up, but he is incredibly innocent and won’t understand Malti Devi’s tricks, according to Vanraj. Although Kavya understands his concern, Samar isn’t so small that he can be forced; Anuj and Anupama will handle the situation. Vanraj apologizes for not focusing on the baby shower ceremony and says they will do their best for their baby. Kavya looks tense.

When Barkha hears that Anuj is organizing Kavya’s baby shower ceremony at Kapadia House, she reacts and says Maaya’s 13th day ritual still hasn’t been completed; performing any happy ritual when someone dies is inauspicious. Anuj says she can skip it, he is doing it to cheer up CA. Ankush supports him.

The news about Pakhi joining the company, Samar and Dimpy joining Malti Devi, and now the news about the baby shower ceremony, makes Barkha fume. In spite of Samar and Dimpy’s actions, Adhik fears Pakhi will be a danger to them, and he will not spare her. Barkha warns him not to harm her.

Kinjal thanks Toshu for supporting him against Dimpy. Kinjal replies, “Well, in that case, thank you for supporting mummy too. The way he supported both mummy and Kavya, it appears that he is trying to reform himself.” In Toshu’s account, mother always stands by her children and sacrifices her dream of moving to the USA to make CA a reality.

Samar was mummy’s good son and became bad now, so why can’t he become good; he wants Pari to become like mummy and Kinjal; he really means what he says; he says this to gain her sympathy. Kinjal hugs him and says when he decides to change, God will set everything right. He requests her not to leave the house and her and Pari’s presence will help him reform.

Anupama imagines Samar calling him in fear and asks god why she is experiencing such bad thoughts. Malti Devi imagines a crying baby on her couch and then it disappears. She wonders why she is thinking about a baby again, as she killed the emotions of a mother and will not be able to relive them. Her room tile comes loose the next morning, and Anupama decides to fix it as soon as possible before guests start arriving for Kavya’s baby shower.

Leela asks family to hurry up as they need to reach Kapadia house early for Kavya’s baby shower ceremony. Pakhi brings a contract and promises tile fixing cement from Roff. Samar brings sweets and asks Leela to keep them with gift boxes. Leela nods yes, Dimpy asks if she can help. Leela says she will just set a fire in the household. Hasmukh asks Leela to speak good during an auspicious day.

Kavya inquires about Kinjal’s whereabouts, as she needed her assistance in getting ready. Kinjal emerges, fully dressed for work, and informs them that she cannot attend the function due to an important meeting. The family reassures her that they understand and encourage her to prioritize her professional commitment. Kinjal apologizes again to Kavya for not being able to help with her preparations. Leela kindly offers to take on the task. Kavya expresses concern about looking old-fashioned, but Hasmukh lightens the mood by joking that their family is always full of laughter like this. Toshu suggests that they all get ready quickly. Vanraj offers to help Kavya get ready, but she appears tense.

As Anuj recites a poem for Anupama, he wishes her a good morning. She hugs him and replies. He says he will help her in the kitchen. She says he spoils her work instead and asks him to go relax. Kavya and she discuss how important today’s function is. Malti Devi believes Anupama will do anything once she is allowed to do so. She sends him away and messages Guru Maa to ask her forgiveness and challenge her to protect her children at all costs.


The baby shower function starts. Vanraj tells Kavya that their baby is the key to their happiness and reunited them before it was born. Kavya looks anxious. Anupama asks what happened?


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