Anupama 10th January 2024 Family Bonds and Emotional Turmoil Unfold in Anupama’s Journey – Episode Update

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When Yashpal asks his mother to come, she says she will and asks him to wait. Anupama assures him that she will not make any mistakes and won’t let him complain. They leave. Vikram claps and is happy. Other employees are happy as well. Anupama returns his money and phone. Vikram says you have lost some relationships but have gained some as well. They leave. Anupama vows to work twice as hard and not to let Sir complain.

Vanraj shows Baa the brochure of the tower. He says that his company is building it and that there will be play areas for children, a cricket pitch, and a place for the elderly. Baa refuses to leave the house and move there. He asks Baa to listen, but Baa refuses. He says there will be tight security, and we didn’t have money then, but now we can afford it.

She lights the diya and prays for everyone. She imagines Aadhya there and thinks she should call and ask about her, but decides against it. She feels connected with her. She gives water to the Tulsi plant and tells it Vikram Bhai brought you, as he said. She lights the diya and prays for everyone.

Aadhya apologizes to Anuj and Shruti about yesterday and says you people love and understand me, but I just…Shruti says, I know, sometimes our minds and hearts do not sync. She says you are a true rockstar. Anuj asks what happened to her. Aadhya does not know. She tells Shruti to stay away from Joshi Ben, saying she gets bad vibes from her and does not know why she came to India.

In response, Anuj asks if I taught you this and says that even though we came from India, maybe she also came due to helplessness. Aadhya says she hurts others and leaves. She says Joshi Ben, stay away from my Papa, or else it won’t be good for you. Anuj gets worried. Later, Anupama asks Vikram if Shruti will not show up today. Vikram tells her sometimes she comes and sometimes she doesn’t. She calls their landline and ends the call, seeing Yashpal.

He tells Baa that he and his children have spent their childhood here, and the house has many problems. He says that he has so many tasks to do even if he gets tired. He says we can spend our remaining lives here, but what about Ansh?

Shruti comes to the restaurant. Anupama sees her stress and says you can share. Shruti says the assignment has been canceled, and Aadhya is acting strangely. She says she was rebellious and stubborn three years ago, so what should she do to make her understand? As Shruti talks about Aadhya, she feels connected to her fiance because of Aadhya.

Anupama points out the possibility of a separation due to her. Shruti expresses her deep love for AK and willingness to do anything for him and his family. She worries about not being able to handle the situation and tears up. Anupama comforts her and offers her some water. Meanwhile, Vikram notices their conversation and keeps Yashpal occupied. Shruti invites Anupama to take a seat, but she declines. Shruti fears that misunderstandings may arise between AK and herself because of Aadhya. Anupama serves her some tea and explains that even though people may love each other deeply, misunderstandings can lead to the breakdown of relationships.


Anuj sees Anupama in the car and runs behind her. He meets with an accident. Anupama feels him and says Anuj.

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