Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Abhira’s Emotional Struggle Unfolds

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In the episode, Abhira rushes to help Surekha. Armaan tells Rohit, even if Dadi scolds or slaps me, you won’t argue. Rohit replies it’s my right to stand up for respect. They hug. Rohit says keep smiling, and this is my award. Don’t worry, I’m with you, leaving now. Armaan asks what you are hiding. Rohit says nothing, I have some work to do. Armaan says you cover up your problems with these excuses. Rohit says Ruhi doesn’t feel happy and that I don’t know how to help.

Armaan reminds Rohit to keep his wife happy while asking him to take care of Abhira, who has been struggling to sleep. He finds her blanket and helps her settle in for the night. Meanwhile, Armaan discovers that Abhira’s phone is still with him and worries about whether she has eaten. As he looks around, he spots a toy tortoise and realizes it is morning. Manish attempts to light the stove but is unsuccessful. Abhira quickly lights the stove, thanking Manish for helping her during their first meeting and reminding him that they should resolve any issues before they become unresolved. She also expresses gratitude for the clothes given to her.

Thank Armaan for the clothes. Are you hungry? She nods. He smiles and gives her the kachori. She thinks it’s mumma-style kachori. She eats it and thinks it has the same taste. He says we can sit and eat; Armaan will be coming soon. She coughs. He asks her for water. Surekha and Ruhi watch.

Manish and Surekha argue about sharing you. Ruhi says I can’t. He says I love you, and I’m giving some love to Abhira. She says no, my family snatched my everything, Abhira is a stranger, how can I trust that she won’t take me away. Abhira stares on and cries. Manish says stop it. Ruhi says no, I am so hurt. Abhira starts crying. She asks if Akshu or I should be the one. He says I will always choose you. Abhira writes a letter for him.

A letter reaches Manish. He rushes to see. Abhira walks on the road and comes up to Armaan’s car. Armaan asks what’s wrong? What’s bad? I was coming to take you; you don’t have a phone or money.

After getting ready, dadi recalls Abhira’s words and breaks the necklace furiously. She thinks my family can be hurt. Abhira says her mother was her home, and now I am alone. Where will I go? She stumbles and falls into his arms. Bin mujhe mera naam…plays… She says Manish isn’t my family, and you should have taken me along. He says yes, right, I am responsible for you. He holds her in silence.

He calls out a chaat vendor and asks the woman if she would like to have some now. When she declines, he playfully jokes that he wants her to have chaat instead. She responds with a lighthearted comment, and he compares life to chaat. She agrees but adds that it can be too spicy for some, causing tears. They both decide to go and try some chaat together. The man suggests a competition between them as they eat, which they both accept with laughter. After paying for their food, the man advises them always to be happy. Abhira then asks him if there is someone special in his life.

Armaan takes a sip of water to soothe his cough. She explains that it signifies, “You are doing it.” He inquires about her statement. She clarifies that she is unaware of his past relationships. He reciprocates by admitting he knows nothing about her and asks if she has anyone special in her life. She confirms, revealing that they were college sweethearts, but he moved abroad for further studies. Although she loved him, her heart did not break, but she could sense his pain and recognize his heartbreak. Dadi interjects, asking Vidya to refrain from discussing the matter any further. Despite Dadi’s comment, Vidya defends herself by stating how she is trying to handle things and asking for a chance. However, Dadi disagrees and points out that while Vidya has become a responsible wife and mother, she lacks the qualities of a good mother-in-law. Just then, Armaan and Abhira arrive at home. Armaan receives an important call from Rohit and mentions that he needs to leave immediately for an urgent case. He requests Vidya to stay in his room until he returns.


Dadi punishes Abhira and tells her to stay outside the door. Ruhi gives her water. Dadi shouts at Ruhi and makes her stand outside. Abhira and Ruhi play a game. Rohit and Armaan watch.

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