Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th May 2023 Writte Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hain

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th May 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Abhinav spotting Akshara and smiling. He greets her as she tells him that she has a surprise for both him and Abhir. However, Abhir is curious about the arrival of Doc Man and the Goenkas. Akshara then reveals a board to them, which prompts Abhir to ask about “Aashiyana”. Akshara clarifies that “Aashiyana” will be their new house name from now on. When asked about the laddoos, Akshara explains that it is not a food item, but the name of their new homestay business where tourists can experience the local lifestyle by staying in homes. Excitedly, Abhinav asks if tourists will actually stay with them, to which Akshara responds by sharing her plan of cleaning out their storeroom and posting pictures on an ad portal. She also expresses her difficulty in continuing with their previous businesses and suggests this as an alternative way to earn income while they wait for the car business to take off. In admiration of her idea, they commend her as “great”.

Akshara, Abhinav, and Manish all reassure Abhir not to worry and instead focus on recovering so he can play football again. They share a hug with him before Manish mentions that they have arrived safely and he hopes they will continue to be happy while Abhir gets better. Kairav then brings up the possibility of Abhimanyu causing trouble once he realizes Abhir is no longer around. However, Manish is confident that he will understand the situation and not cause any problems. Kairav’s comment sparks a discussion about what could potentially happen, but Abhinav interrupts to mention that their booking has not been confirmed yet. Abhir remains optimistic and soon receives an exciting message about a sale from Ruhi. Akshara and Abhinav start preparing vegetables while Abhir happily shares the news that they have received their first booking. Meanwhile, Aarohi contacts Abhimanyu at the hospital.

Akshara and Abhinav prepare the room. Abhir compliments their efforts. Abhinav inquires about the guest’s identity. Akshara responds that it is George from Denmark, who will hopefully enjoy our culture and food. She then has an idea and grabs some clothes. The couple gets dressed up for the occasion. Abhinav remarks that it may be a bit too much. Akshara reminds him of their earlier conversation about wanting to showcase their culture to guests and urges him to get busy so that the guest does not think they are too eager to see him. Just then, Abhimanyu arrives at the scene, making Akshara feel restless for some reason. She rushes to get some flowers while Abhir greets his friend as “doc man”. Akshara playfully throws the flowers at Abhimanyu while he hugs Abhir. Neela takes Abhir away with her, leaving Akshara alone with Abhimanyu who scolds her for something unknown to us. Meanwhile, Kairav decides to call Muskaan and she informs him that Abhimanyu has reached Kasauli, receiving Kairav’s call in the process.

He informs that your wallet is here. She requests for it to be sent by the driver. He agrees to come himself. She insists on using the driver and not calling Akshara at the moment. He asks for the reason behind her request. She reveals that Abhimanyu has already arrived at Kasauli. Akshara denies this, but Abhimanyu argues with her. Accusing her of kidnapping, he claims his son belongs to him. Akshara defends herself, stating he is her own child. Abhinav intervenes, proposing to explain the situation to him calmly. However, Akshara scolds Abhimanyu and tells him to believe whatever he wants. Unmoved, Abhimanyu plans to take his son with him. In retaliation, she warns him not to even try or face the consequences of her anger. Ignoring her threat, Abhimanyu asserts his rights as a father and vows to take his son away with him. Just then, Abhir enters and inquires about their argument. Abhinav denies any fight and brushes off the tension between them. Nevertheless, Abhimanyu resumes his quarrel with Akshara while Abhinav tries to mediate


After Abhir realizes Abhinav isn’t his father, Abhinav says it is hard on him. Abhir hears this and cries. He wonders who is his father.

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