Bade Achhe Lagte Hai 3 3rd August 2023 Written Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3 3rd August 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Ram expressing his disappointment towards Priya, despite thinking highly of her. In response, Priya becomes upset and turns to alcohol. Kriti shares her plan to take advantage of Ram by giving him pills that would affect his behaviour but worries about the consequences if anything happens between him and Priya. Ram notices that Priya is still quiet and wonders if she drank his drink, which was actually water. He checks on her and asks if she has a drink and if she’s alright. She finds his actions strange and questions how she would react upon reading news about him. Priya points out that she has always seen glimpses of their love story through live telecasts, where his girlfriend is always by his side, without questioning anything or doing anything wrong.

He acknowledges, but you have secrets. She implores him to trust her. He claims our contract marriage is based on honesty and truth. He insists, who is he? She defends that it isn’t a real marriage, how can he be so sure? He counters that her eyes give her away, there’s clearly something she’s not telling him. They share a moment of intimacy and confess their emotions. She admits she’s confused by her feelings. He confesses that he can’t seem to stop thinking about her, he misses her and even enjoys her sarcastic remarks. She starts to walk away. “Bade acche…plays…” He underscores that his feelings towards her are strictly platonic, yet he finds himself constantly reminiscing about the remarkable past three months, yearning for them to stretch into eternity. He contemplates the complexity that has arisen and wonders why she remains reluctant to provide a response.

She tells me I have always protected myself, and that my life is not like yours. He shares that it was a difficult journey for him, filled with struggles and hard work to reach where he is now. She points out how he lives life on his own terms. He reminds her that it is not about our backgrounds, but about our feelings and whether we are able to accept them or not. He urges her not to stay silent and instead speaks up about her true feelings towards Yuvraj. She admits that just hearing his name ruins her mood, claiming that he only cares about money and must have been the reason behind the argument between Aleka and myself, which I ended up having to resolve. He questions why she bothered to sort it out in the first place if she didn’t care. She responds by telling him that she has developed feelings for him and wanted to help him out. He reassures her of his trust in her and reiterates that his Priya can never be wrong. She confesses that there is something between us, which he wholeheartedly agrees with. She brings up his previous statement of never being attracted to her, to which he replies that it does matter to him before leaning in for a kiss.

Kriti wakes up Shreya and informs her of her plan to lie to Ram about their intimacy. However, Shreya is not on board and questions the idea, causing Kriti to worry. She decides not to reveal her pill plan and instead shares that Priya had interrupted her conversation with Ram, leaving her unsure of what may have transpired between them. Shreya tries to reassure Kriti by pointing out that Ram and Priya share a room at home and will soon be getting divorced anyway, making Kriti feel insecure about Ram’s feelings for her. Despite Shreya’s attempts to calm Kriti down, they continue to argue over the situation.

As they enter Ram’s room, Shreya shares that Ram and Priya haven’t returned home. Kriti immediately suggests they may be at the office and proposes they check. She proceeds to call Ram while Shalini arrives and questions Kriti’s presence. Kriti explains their plan to go for a jog, with Shreya covering up for her lie. Shalini reminds them to return in time for breakfast with the entire family. Kriti compliments Shalini’s thoughtfulness and offers to join them for breakfast. However, Shalini clarifies that she is not considered family yet. Shreya then informs her about Priya’s absence, expressing concern for Ram’s reaction. Shalini reassures her and shares that she has already contacted them and requested their presence at the morning meal, hinting at an important decision she plans to announce regarding Priya’s role as their daughter-in-law. She advises them not to share their opinions on the matter until it has been discussed within the family, emphasizing Priya’s need to understand her position in the household.


Priya asks Ram to open his eyes after Shivani’s daughter comes to tell the truth.

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