Bade Achhe Lagte Hai 3 21st July 2023 Written Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3 21st July 2023 written episode update on

Shalini began by noting that this day was special to her and Ram because it marked the anniversary of Mr. Kapoor’s passing; Kriti expressed her sorrow, and Priya reminded them of Chandan. Shalini then suggested a trip to the market; Kriti offered an alternative, saying online shopping would be more convenient but Priya pointed out that personal touch is important on occasions like these, when emotions come into play and make things more valuable. In accordance with their wishes, Shalini decided to undertake the task of buying everything personally for the puja. Kriti admitted she understood.

Priya gets a call from the clinic informing her of an emergency. She tells Shalini, who reminds her that the mahurat is at 4pm and to return soon. Shalini offers to take care of the work in Priya’s absence so that she can relax. Kriti worriedly thinks of ways to stop Priya from entering Ram’s life so that he’ll choose her instead. When Priya and Ram collide, he notices that she is leaving and offers her his car for the trip to the clinic.

Kriti greeted him and Priya announced that they would spend time together. Ram stated his request for her to help him with work, to which she replied that she’d try her best. Realizing the importance of the task, Ram told her he could explain the situation to his mother if need be. She responded that had promised her mother she’d come and asked if it was okay to leave but then her dupatta got caught in his watch. He suggested they wait while he freed it, which created an intimate moment between them. Kriti noticed this and interjected, teasingly telling Priya not to worry as she’ll handle everything before quipping that she’ll have to take care of it after three months.

Priya agrees that all of it belongs to her and then leaves. Ram is called by Kriti, but he requests not to be referred to as ‘baby’ until they are married. Anju is then contacted by Priya who has an important matter to discuss; she hesitates but Anju assures her not to feel that way. Priya informs of Shalini preparing for Mr. Kapoor’s Barsi while Kriti is there and asks if Anju can assist in the arrangements. She acknowledges the fact that Kriti is Shardul’s girlfriend, but she goes often to Ram’s house. The emergency at the clinic was mentioned by Priya which made Anju ready herself for helping Shalini out as Priya needed a hand with her own work at the clinic so could not take on everything herself.

When Priya says that she cannot tell her mother that Kriti is Ram’s girl friend, she ends the call. Shalini sees Mr. Kapoor’s picture and gets emotional. Anju helps her. She says Priya sent you, right. She helps Shalini. I was confused, whether to do the puja at home or make it grand, I thought one should share memories with family to share sorrow. She asks where Ritika and Sanjeev are.

Anju reveals that Sanjeev is off to work and Ritika has gone for a modelling ad audition at Ram’s company, although not informed by her. Priya expressed that she doesn’t wish to take any favours, however, if Ritika is deserving then she’ll pass the audition. Shalini states that she values her self-respect and it is certain Ritika will get selected. Although Priya is absent today, Anju states that she will prepare something tasty and healthy in five minutes, so do not worry. Shalini expresses her gratitude for Anju’s kindness and admits being anxious as if something bad is going to happen. She implores to her higher power for the well being of all involved.

The precap:

Ram and Priya discuss their marriage contract. She asks what is going on between them.

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