Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 21st July 2023 Written Update

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Pammi worries about Surilii as Diya comes home from school. She tells her my special guest is coming, please allow him to stay. Sasha asks her to let Surilii rest. Surilii says no, she will cook. Diya tells her what to make. As Surilii thinks of Shiv, Diya says you are my magical Maasi. Mithi comes home. Swati scolds her. She asks her to pack her bags and leave.

Samar comes and stops Mithi. He says you didn’t do anything wrong, go in, take care of yourself and Sam. Mithi goes in. Swati asks how dare you go against me, it’s my right to rule this palace.

He says think from the mind to show you right. She asks him to clarify it. He says have a seat. It’s a loss for us if Mithi leaves, I have done this to keep Sam away from this controversy; she can go out and tell everyone, she’ll join Surilii’s side. He compliments her. She smiles. He leaves. She says he is charming and dangerous, but I don’t know what he is.

Shiv greets Surilii and informs her that the food is ready. Diya declares him as her special guest, but Pammi objects. Diya reasons, it was a marriage vow she made with Prince uncle to let him stay and also challenges them saying she won’t have food or water till they all agree. Surilii eventually consents, allowing Shiv to stay and suggests for him to take some steam.

After seeing the video, Sam says it’s morphed, no one will believe it. He gets the message. Samar arrives. Sam says he didn’t do anything. Samar says it’s okay if you took drugs, I won’t tell Rani Maa, don’t stress, I’m there. Mithi is asked to look after Sam. He asks how we can give him money. Samar says he will give it to him, don’t worry, delete the video. Sam thanks him. Samar smiles at him. Pammi prepares food and is angry with Shiv.

Shiv says okay, Nani and mumma have given the clothes, so thanks. Diya states that Surilii cries a lot and doesn’t like to stay there, suggesting that they take her home. Shiv promises not to make her cry, assuring them he will take her home. Sam and Samar then depart but before they leave Maan interrupts asking where they are headed. Sam answers saying he has to take notes from a friend’s place. Maan offers to drive him there but Samar volunteers instead in which both agree on his offer. They soon leave followed by Maan’s ponderous thoughts as he chooses to follow them.

As Sasha adds the chilli to Shiv’s food, she thinks you hurt my sister. Pammi also adds chilli to the food and asks everyone to join her. Shiv comes. Diya says you look funny. Surilii smiles. Samar says give him money and ask him to delete the video. Sam says yes, thanks. He gives the money and tells him to delete the video. The guy says done. Sam smiles at Samar.

Samar inquires if Sam is feeling any better. A puzzled Maan observes the situation, wanting to know what was in the bag that Sam had handed to that person. Maan goes to investigate and speaks to Samar. Shiv announces his delight at Surilii having cooked his favourite dish. However, upon tasting it he finds it overly spicy, yet still continues to eat it despite knowing she had done so as punishment for him. Surilii then tastes the curry for herself and begins to cough excessively. She cautions him not to continue eating, reiterating that the food is too spicy for him.

Sasha insists that no one needs to eat anything, but Shiv is ready to accept punishment from Surilii. Pammi steps in to take responsibility for the situation, and Sasha concedes, stating she had a hand in it as well. Diya then expresses her displeasure at them disturbing her special guest. Pammi begs for forgiveness while Shiv acknowledges his fault and agrees he deserves what is coming, considering they are all family. In response, Surilii hands him an ice gola and Shiv politely requests that she feed it to him. Pammi mentions that this peaceful matter must be settled so she can get a good night’s sleep. True to being the accommodating hostess, Surilii complies with the request and feeds him the ice gola. As he savours the treat, Shiv resolves to win over Surilii’s heart and take her as his bride.


Samar confesses love to Swati. He hugs her. Maan looks shocked. Shiv asks Surilii to forgive him.


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