Teri Meri Doriyaan 9th July 2023 Written Update


Teri Meri Doriyaan 9th July 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Garry offers Seerat’s jewellery to his girlfriend Sara, who complains that he promised her a huge sum but only gave her his wife’s jewellery. Garry assures her that this is just the beginning and promises to give her more. He notices a snake-shaped ring on Sara’s finger and asks her to remove it, but she insists on keeping it as it is her lucky charm. Garry forcefully takes off the ring, revealing a tattoo on her finger, and angrily asks her to leave. Unaware, Sara leaves her house key in Garry’s car.

Meanwhile, Sahiba’s lawyer calls her and asks for her marriage certificate. Angad, tearfully looking at Sahiba’s dupatta, is interrupted by Seerat, who brings a windchime for him. Seerat insists on fixing it herself, but Angad declines, saying he will do it later. Sahiba enters the room, and Seerat points out that she doesn’t need to knock on the door as she is still Angad’s wife. Sahiba informs Angad about her lawyer’s request, and he hands over the marriage certificate.

Manveer receives a journalist’s call but declines to give any interviews. She then notices a call on Inder’s phone and answers it. The caller asks if he should stop searching for a person, leaving Manveer curious about whom Inder is looking for. Angad misses Sahiba and imagines her in his room, sharing a tender moment with her.

Seerat, on the other hand, misses Garry but decides to expose his truth to Angad one day. She offers tea to Angad and takes care of him as she had promised. Garry arrives and asks Sahiba what she is doing with Angad, to which she explains that she brought tea for him as he was working late. Angad asks about their relationship, and Garry assures him that everything is fine. Later, Garry is called by Sara, who threatens to reveal her true identity unless he meets her.

Sahiba video calls Veer and Keerat to share information about tattoo shops. She instructs them to visit different areas and check each tattoo shop to find the one where the imposter got her tattoo made. Meanwhile, Garry meets Sara in the parking lot to return her home keys, but Sahiba observes their interaction from a distance.

In the upcoming episode, Sahiba introduces a mysterious girl as a daughter of the house, leaving the family members puzzled about her identity.


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