Teri Meri Doriyaan 16th December 2023 Written Episode: Seerat’s Truth Unravels Amidst Suspicion


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Seerat reassures Sahiba that she is telling the truth about meeting her friend Pinky at the hotel on a regular basis. She also adds that Jasleen had caught a glimpse of her once, while she was wearing a scarf and sunglasses and trying to hide her identity. Sahiba inquires why Seerat had lied about this in the first place. Seerat explains that she was afraid Jasleen would disapprove of her friendship with someone from Shimlapuri, so she fibbed. Sahiba then questions the reason for Seerat’s fabricated story about going to her room to ask Jasleen for a gift but not receiving one and finding her missing bracelet near Angad’s cupboard.

Manveer cautions Seerat that she will not spare her if she discovers Seerat has stolen Angad’s secret file and caused trouble for him. Seerat remains steadfast and implores Sahiba not to trap her with falsehoods. Akaal advises Seerat to own up to her mistakes, if there is one, to prevent further errors. Seerat insists she has no knowledge of the locker’s location or how her bracelet ended up near the cupboard; otherwise, she would not have searched the entire house for it. Prabjot remembers observing Seerat searching for the bracelet on the day of Mehndi. Jasleen also recalls this occurrence. Despite their accounts, Seerat maintains her stubbornness and asserts that Sahiba is framing her because she could not find any evidence to favor her husband.

After not getting Angad’s signatures on the confession documents, Megha calls Yash, saying Angad is powerful and she could not get his signatures. Yash asks her to somehow get Angad’s signature on the confession form. To clear her past dues, Megha says that she will do so tomorrow morning before going to court. He will clear her past dues if she gets the signatures and even reward her.


When Sahiba disguises herself as a tea vendor, she hears Megha talking to Yash over the phone. She runs behind Sahiba and identifies her as Megha.

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