Kumkum Bhagya 26th January 2024 Written Episode: Poorvi’s Kidnapping Unfolds Chaos

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He asks Shera to call Pandit ji, who was waiting for this day, as Jasbir brings Poorvi somewhere. Jasbir slaps him and tells him first to call Pandit. He thinks he’ll marry her now. Rajveer tells RV that he saw Poorvi unconscious in a car with a saree-clad guy. A photo of Poorvi has helped him identify her. He says he has informed the police, but didn’t see the car number. Yug says he told RV that he was a man wearing a saree. RV says he is Jassi.

Rajveer says he has seen his face. RV asks them not to tell anyone and tells them he will return Poorvi. Prachi decides she has to save Poorvi. She goes. Jasbir meets the pandit and tells him he’s been waiting for him to marry and said he thought there was a big function here. Jasbir asks him to handle the rituals well, as he is marrying the girl forcibly.

He says he will take care of her. Poorvi wakes up and wonders where she is. Jasbir tells her her groom has changed and throws a garland from her neck. RV, Yug, and Rajveer arrive at the location where Rajveer last saw Jassi’s car. Rajveer says he didn’t see it. When RV hears about a bank robbery, he tells RV he has to leave because his sister is trapped in the bank.

Vishaka enters the room, searching for RV. She notices movement from a nearby barrel and immediately calls Manpreet for assistance. Khushi then appears, and Vishaka helps her get out of the room. Khushi reveals that Jasbir had mistakenly kidnapped her, thinking she was Poorvi. She suggests they inform everyone about Jasbir’s presence.

Meanwhile, Pandit ji identifies Poorvi as Lakshmi and other names before praising her good fortune in finding a groom like RV. However, Poorvi interrupts and proclaims she has had enough. Jasbir attempts to grab her hand, but she insists on leaving.

Jasbir encourages her to embrace life and take the opportunity to live it. However, when Poorvi attempts to leave, Jassi stops her and pats his face, signaling her to keep quiet. He then places a handkerchief on her cheek and sends Tiger to retrieve medicine. Poorvi reminds Jasbir that RV may show up, but Jasbir assures her he won’t let him get away with anything. Despite this, Poorvi firmly states that she does not wish to marry him. Still determined to be with her, Jasbir attempts to walk with her.

Yug says RV will not leave Jasbir because he has stolen Poorvi but because Poorvi has suffered dramatically due to him. Vishaka and Khushi ask Ashok, Manpreet, and Diya about Poorvi, and Ashokm says she isn’t here. Vishaka says Poorvi is kidnapped. Dadi and Dadu inform Jasbir of her kidnapping.

Jasbir expresses his immense love for Poorvi, who responds by asking him to let her go if he truly loves her. Unconvinced, Jasbir questions how he can prove his love for her. However, Poorvi reveals that she considers someone else to be her husband. This revelation angers Jasbir, causing him almost to harm her, but ultimately refrains from doing so. Later, Prachi, Manpreet, and other family members arrive at Jasbir’s Chacha’s house and inquire about Poorvi’s whereabouts. When they ask who Poorvi is, the MLA’s wife assumes that she may be a troubled young woman seeking assistance from their women’s organization and mentions how she often seeks help from her husband due to his position as an MLA. Prachi clarifies that Poorvi is her daughter and demands to know where she is. The MLA introduces himself and his wife as the hosts of the house, who have never been spoken to in such a manner before.

The guard brings the medicine. Jasbir scolds him. Poorvi tells him she realized her mistake. Jasbir asks what? Poorvi says I…He asks if she discovered her love for him. She tells Jasbir she realizes her mistake of marrying RV. Poorvi thinks I shouldn’t have told you I don’t love you before. Jasbir gets angry.


Jasbir threatens Poorvi and asks if she will marry him or bid her mother farewell. Jasbir’s goons kidnap Prachi.

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