Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th November 2023 Written Episode: Abhira’s Resort Troubles and Family Drama

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hain

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 7th November 2023 Written Episode Update on

As the Episode begins, Abhira’s fear causes her to turn and inquire about the source of a mysterious light display. Shortly after, she receives a phone call from an unknown man whom she promptly scolds for being unfamiliar with her. Annoyed, she kicks the lights in frustration. Her agitation continues when she answers a call on the landline and becomes worried. The caller is Armaan, to whom she vents her frustrations before realizing he is a potential guest interested in booking at their resort. She apologizes and attempts to save the situation, but he abruptly ends the call, leaving her anxious and uncertain about their reputation.

When she spots Akshara, she immediately receives a reminder from her not to let the booking get canceled and to call the customer promptly instead. Abhira explains that it is not a simple task, but Akshara persists in her urgency to call back. Frustrated, Armaan ends the phone conversation, and Abhira sends him a message. After calling her back, Armaan expresses his irritation and lectures her. Abhira clarifies that due to a roadside Romeo’s actions, she mistakenly thought Armaan was bothering her. She goes on to explain the importance of the booking for both the beautiful resort and her mother and sincerely apologizes for any trouble caused. Finally, Akshara chimes in with an apology as well.

Abhira affirms her kind-heartedness and urges the recipient to express their love. She then proceeds to confirm the booking, causing joy. She proudly mentions her charismatic way of speaking, which cannot be overlooked. Akshara inquires about the incident with a client that led to Abhira’s outburst. Fearing her mother’s reaction, Abhira explains it was a misunderstanding. Akshara berates Abhira’s attempt at humor and reminds her to focus on work at the resort. However, Abhira insists on seeking justice for underprivileged girls. Akshara cautions her about the responsibilities of being a lawyer, but Abhira expresses her determination to learn and acknowledges their upcoming departure from Mussoorie.

Akshara says you’ll miss it, and I’m not going there. Abhira asks her to cook food. Akshara says your turn today. Abhira says cook. Akshara says I have a case tomorrow. She plays rock paper scissors, and her turn comes. She puts money in a fight jar. She says their entire family is coming, how do things look. Armaan’s dad says Vidya, I can’t go, I’m engaged in a case. She says thank you for not coming, but nobody wants the drama. He says he won’t come. Armaan looks on. They argue.

“Let’s leave our tensions behind this time,” Armaan declared. Abhira and Akshara sat together, enjoying their meal. Akshara playfully joked and laughed with her friend, commenting on the delicious food. However, Abhira’s attention was caught by a drone carrying an “ILU” message, causing her to feel concerned. As Akshara remained oblivious to this, Abhira brainstormed ways to handle the situation. Suddenly, she mentioned the noodles she had made and asked for feedback. The song “Halla macha rahi hai…” played in the background as they spent quality time together before settling down to study. As they got ready for bed, Akshara expressed her love for Abhira, who questioned why she hadn’t said, “I love you forever.” In response, Akshara promised to take her to Delhi. Finally, they both lay down to sleep.

As Akshara goes to sleep, Armaan says Dadi’s birthday is today. His father says you forgot to become a son. Armaan says we both forgot about it, and we both failed. Armaan argues and leaves. His father asks Dadi to look after her and wishes her a happy birthday. She says I would have asked you to come, I know we cannot walk together, you have chosen a different path. He says you should leave. She says nothing can happen now. She leaves. He smiles and says, “I have always heard that.”.

Akshara gets ready for the court. Abhira says I will also get justice for poor people. She asks Akshara to have breakfast. She says don’t do anything, two bookings there, Poddars and… Abhira says I don’t know, I will ask when they arrive, I will handle it. Akshara goes. Armaan drives to Mussoorie. He says it’s fun to come to the mountains, and it connects me with them.

Abhira gets everything organized. Armaan says we have reached. Armaan says nothing will go wrong. The man asks if you ordered gas cylinders since gas is running out. She says she’ll order now. He says it takes 2 days. She rushes. The man says Bhabhi ji, you’re my Bhabhi ji since my brother liked you, he’s my Yuvraj Bhaiya, he talked to you yesterday. She sees Yuvraj.


Manish meets Abhira after she argues with Yuvraj. Abhira upsets Armaan’s family.

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