Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain Written episode 22nd Feb, 2023

Today’s episode of YRKKK starts with Kairav entering the house. Abhinav and Abhir come to say hello to him. Abhinav promises himself to convince Kairav and make friends with him. Abhir jumps on Kairav calling him Maamu and tries talking to him but Kairav pushes him away and snubs him. Abhir is upset. Abhinav tries to convince Kairav that he is just a kid. Kairav tells him not to make any relationship with a stranger. Abhinav does not give up and keeps trying but Kairav just walks away. Abhir cries seeing him walk away.

Akshara tells Abhinav not to try and that things are never going to be good between them anymore as he has stopped loving her,

Abhinav is still not convinced and plans with Muskaan to bring Akshara and Kairav back together as he does not want to lose her family.

Abhir is excited to see the room that his grandparents have prepared specially for him. It’s the first time he has a dedicated room and is excited. He begs Akshara to let him sleep in his room for the night. Abhinav tells Akshara that she lived in a palace and their house is so small that there is no place in the house for complaints also but she convinces him that their house is very big and she is very happy.

Akshara tries telling Abhir that he is not used to sleeping alone and should spend the night with them. However, he is stubborn and his grandparents then agree to spend the night with him.

Akshara goes to sleep with Suhasini.

Aarohi comes to Abhimanyu to show him what shopping she has done. She thanks Abhimanyu for convincing Manjiri to go to the party. Abhimanyu likes all the gifts that she has selected.

The next morning Abhinav prepares breakfast for the family. Suhasini feels awkward for a few minutes but Abhinav convinces everyone that there is nothing wrong if the son-in-law serves his parents-in-laws.

Akshara plans to stay at home while Abhir and the others plan to go out. She wants to spend time at home and prepare for the birthday celebrations.

Abhinav happily welcomes Kairav when he comes and tries to serve him his breakfast but Kairav picks an apple and walks away to the office.

Abhir asks if they can start with going to the temple today. Akshara remembers going to the same temple with Abhimanyu.

Abhimanyu tells Aarohi that he likes the suit she has selected for him.

Abhinav and Abhir go inside the temple. Both fold their hands to pray and Abhir gets separated from Abhinav. Abhir calls out to Abhinav but he is busy praying for Akshara. By the time he realizes Abhir is not next to him Abhir is outside lost in the crowd and starts panicking. Abhinav runs outside in search of Abhir.


Abhinav walks into the shop and walks away with the gift the shopkeeper gives him. Akshara comes to the counter to take her parcel and is told that her husband has taken the gift and gone. She runs outside and sees Abhimanyu.

Abhir faints and falls into Manjiri’s arms. She puts him in the car and goes. Abhinav runs after them.

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