Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st January 2024 Written Episode: Abhira’s Struggles and Dadi’s Health Crisis

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The episode begins with Armaan urgently telling Abhira to release her grip. He pulls her back just in time as the box drops to the ground, its contents shattering into pieces. Abhira is distraught and gazes at the ruined items. Everyone, including Armaan, is filled with sorrow. Manish kneels to collect the scattered objects and carefully retrieves a watch. He also picks up a photo of Akshara, but Dadi intervenes and places it inside the box. As Abhira sobs, she retreats to her room. Armaan calls after her, apologizing for what Dadi said earlier. However, Abhira refutes his apology and states that forcing oneself to stay in an unhappy relationship is a heavy burden. She empathizes with those who have lost a loved one and assures Armaan that he will never experience such heartache because she will search for Rohit herself.

Suwarna advises avoiding Ruhi while Abhira offers to talk with her. Manish suggests letting them speak, and Surekha agrees they should stay put. However, Ruhi asks them to leave, reassuring them that everything is fine. As they exit, Abhira apologizes for asking a personal question but wonders if there were any issues between Ruhi and Rohit, as others blame her. An irritated Ruhi accuses Abhira of spying and trying to shift the blame onto her, clarifying that there was no argument between her and Rohit. Abhira adds that Rohit didn’t even fight with Armaan and spoke to him nicely before leaving. This leads Ruhi to suspect that Rohit found out about her involvement with Armaan. In the meantime, Vidya suggests bringing Rohit back into the picture.

Madhav informs that the police team is searching for him, so he should rest. The person responds by saying they are struggling to take breaths. Madhav speculates that he left on his own accord. The person then sarcastically remarks about his statement. Madhav clarifies that since he is not a child, he decided to go and will return at his own will. Madhav’s grandmother questions whether he would still speak like this if their other family member, Armaan, had also left. In response, Madhav confirms that they have no partiality as they hold equal importance to him. Meanwhile, Manish experiences chest pain and wonders if Ruhi’s fate will be similar to Akshara and Aarohi’s. He recalls memories of Akshara and Aarohi before being interrupted by Abhira, who arrives in haste and exclaims, “Akshara!”

The dizziness gets worse. She holds him and asks if he’s okay. She says I’ll get water for you. Armaan and Rohit are also different, but they share one thing in common: they don’t share their problems with their dad. As Madhav says, they bond, but he didn’t share their problem with you either. Vidya cries. Abhira asks Manish for water.

I forgot to eat medicine, Manish says, and she apologizes. He asks why, and she replies, and everyone around here blames me. When someone suffers without their fault, like the daughters of the Goenka family, I feel cursed, unable to receive love from their parents and support from their husbands. Abhira believes that then mumma and I would be Goenka daughters, as we were family, she lost everything, I just had her, I lost her, Ruhi’s fate wouldn’t be like your daughters, Rohit and Ruhi would remain happy together.

Ruhi mentions that Rohit must have been aware of the situation. Armaan quickly dismisses this idea, stating that he would have known if that were the case. Ruhi expresses dismay, and Abhira suggests Rohit may have used a car or asked a friend for help. However, they soon realize this is impossible since all the cars are parked outside. Armaan calls someone to gather more information and asks for details about any cars Rohit may have used. Madhav thanked Abhira for their efforts in trying to find out what happened.

As Ruhi sobs, she recalls Rohit’s words. Suwarna arrives and reassures her that Rohit is a good person who deserves a second chance. Ruhi acknowledges his understanding and respectful nature, admitting she could not reciprocate his feelings even though he only wanted friendship. She feels guilty and cries, but Suwarna comforts her and reminds her that not everyone gets a second chance. In the meantime, Dadi places some toffees in Rohit’s box while Armaan expresses confidence that Rohit will return. He pleads with Ruhi to eat something for his sake, but she declines and requests some alone time. Armaan respects her wishes and leaves.

Madhav informed Abhira that he would update her once he had more information. Abhira responds with an “okay” and leaves. However, upon hearing a noise, she rushes to Dadi’s room and knocks on the door, asking if she is alright. Manisha intervenes and advises Abhira not to disturb her mother, as she wishes to be alone. If Abhira wants to help, she should find Rohit instead. Agreeing with Manisha, Abhira walks away but soon hears the sound of glass breaking. She hurries back and calls out to Dadi, asking if she is hurt. Feeling guilty for disturbing Dadi’s peace, Abhira apologizes and forcibly opens the door after removing the broken glass. To her horror, she finds Dadi lying on the floor and quickly eliminates the glass pieces from her way. In her panic, Abhira accidentally injures herself but continues to call out Dadi’s name and begs for a response or any sign of life. Abhira becomes increasingly worried about Dadi’s well-being by desperately calling out Armaan’s name.

Manisha, Vidya and Armaan arrive. Armaan sees blood on Dadi’s hand and says she is hurt. Manisha calls a doctor. He sees the blood on Abhira’s hand. Kiara ties the bandage to her hand. It is brave of you to break the glass and go in because Dadi’s blood pressure fluctuated because of stress. Manisha jokes about Abhira. Aryan says Abhira is incredible. Vidya shouts Abhira’s name.


Abhira cries and says they always blamed me for everything, so I can’t stay with such a person. She packs her bags and leaves. Armaan says I made a big mistake by bringing you here.

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