Kavya 26th March 2024: Confrontations and Emotional Turmoil Unfold in a Dramatic Turn


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Kavya asks if it’s not love. Adi pushes her and laughs. He says you are good at writing stories, and you lost your job, so you have plenty of time to write them. He leaves. She smiles. Santu recalls Badi Amma’s words. He says she told me something important. It’s morning, and Adi looks at the sweater made by Kavya. He smiles. Santu says Kavya worked all night making it. Adi says I’ll beat you if you say nonsense. Kavya loves you very much, so patch up with her and be happy.

Adi and Santu want things to return to how they were before. Adi puts on his shoes while Santu asks him not to harm her. She explains that she’s not in the house because she’s at her Maayka celebrating Holi and will return later. Kavya announces that she will grab a snack from the fridge, causing Anjali to worry. She suggests they all sit and chat while Mayank gets some food. Kavya quickly places the sweets away before Rajeev can indulge, but he insists they enjoy them together. Kavya becomes curious about what’s happening and checks the fridge’s contents and other appliances.

She checks that there is no power. She asks when this happened. Anjali says there is a voltage problem. Kavya says you’re lying. Anjali gets a call. Kavya checks the taps. When Malini sees Alka asleep, she asks Omi to come. Alka wakes up and says I will feed him. She says Malini has prepared a bottle of milk for him. She leaves with Omi. Kavya says don’t lie to me, this is intentional, they’re trying to revenge on you. She cries.

Anjali believes that it is everyone’s responsibility to fight. Rajeev warns that if one of us loses, we all lose. When Kavya returns home, she immediately confronts Adi and expresses her disappointment in his actions towards her family. She had no idea he could be so malicious, but she would not back down in fear. Kavya decides to call Sanjeev for assistance. Being unemployed, she needs money to purchase a new television and fridge for her parents and asks if she can use his name as a guarantee. Sanjeev agrees but insists on buying the items and having Kavya repay him later. Grateful for his help, Kavya thanked him and said a prayer of gratitude.

Santu recalls that Badi Amma had shared something with him. Kavya inquires about it, to which Santu replies that he can’t remember as he feels foolish for forgetting. Adi then asks if Santu has completed the task they assigned him earlier. Giriraj confirms this and adds that Malini forced her into their house and caused trouble. Adi disapproves and states that they would never stoop to such low levels. Kavya then approaches Alka, who is crying, and asks what happened. Alka reveals that Malini gave her son a milk bottle despite her objections. Kavya assures her they will speak to Malini as she is not the wrong person and should understand Alka’s position as Omi’s mother.

Rajeev and Anjali get the fridge and TV from Sanjeev. Rajeev says you have a big heart, and we will refund your money. Anjali says a microwave and TV are not needed. Sanjeev says he didn’t get it. He checks the bill and says there is no name written. He asks the man to tell him the name. Sanjeev scolds him. Adi asks him to leave. Sanjeev tells him you love Kavya. Adi argues with him.

It is your heart that knows the truth. Ask yourself if Kavya can kill Omi. Alka scolds Malini for taking the baby away. Kavya says it is Alka’s right to feed her baby; don’t keep it away from her. Alka says Kavya is right. The man says he can’t believe Kavya murdered Omi; she has always respected your family, but your father always troubled her. Kavya, wow, you made Alka against me; you killed Omi. She apologizes to the baby.

As a result of Kavya taking revenge on you, we don’t know how, but I’m there with you. I won’t harm you. She asks Alka to give you the baby. Kavya and Alka stop her. Malini says no. Kavya says to leave the baby. Sanjeev and Adi come home. Adi shouts Kavya…. Adi shouts Kavya…. Malini asks Adi to see, Kavya snatched the baby. She cries and hugs him. Kavya says I didn’t do anything. Adi stops her from crying.


As Kavya confronts Badi Amma, Badi Amma asks what will you do? Adi attends some event. There is a blast.

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