Anupama 19th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Anupama Decides to End Her Relationship with Anuj

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Anupama 19th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anuj expressed his concern that I may not be receiving enough attention and focus from you or our daughter Choti. Anupama acknowledges the sacrifices I have made for her and our family. In light of this, Anuj believes that you may have taken me for granted, given how deeply in love he is with me after waiting patiently for 26 years. He also points out that you prioritize the Shah family over the Kapadias, which makes him feel neglected. He apologizes on my behalf but can’t help but feel like your ex-husband and his children hold a special place in your heart. After all, Anuj reminds me that you married Vanraj – your first love – and dedicated 26 years of your life to them. It’s only natural for those relationships to still hold significant importance to you.

Anupama pleads for him to stop and confesses that she cannot take any more. Anuj insists that he has always been patient, but now he is at his limit. He suggests that she only stays with him and Choti out of obligation. He points out that although she is physically present, her mind and heart are elsewhere, at the Shah house. He acknowledges his mistake in forcing her to become Choti’s mother when she never wanted to be one. He admits that he made everything hers on their wedding day, thinking their lives were now intertwined after 26 years of love, but perhaps he rushed into things too quickly. He reflects on the possibility that she might not have brought along this baggage if he had given her some time. Let me rephrase: if I had not rushed into marriage, this situation may not have arisen for me.

Anupama inquired if you regretted marrying me, to which Anuj replied that you have never truly understood him. He expressed that he had rushed into the marriage and questioned why his daughter and himself should suffer. Anupama wondered why he hadn’t spoken up and stopped her if he had so much burden on his shoulders. She acknowledged that she had made it clear she didn’t want to get married, but he showed incredible generosity by marrying a woman with three children and one grandchild. She revealed that she was looking forward to spending quality time with her loving husband and daughter, something she had never experienced before. Anupama apologized for not realizing the extent of his struggles because of her. In response, Anuj reassured her there was no need to apologize, and everything was fine.

According to Anupama, our unhappiness in this relation is due to its prolonged nature. She loves you profoundly but believes a relationship filled with complaints cannot survive. She mentions her recent decision to end her relationship with the Shahs as proof. Anuj questions when he expresses these views, and Anupama explains that she has interpreted his unspoken words. She firmly believes that if a relationship becomes a burden, it should be terminated. Despite knowing that you will not try to change her mind this time, she insists on going through with her decision. With a heavy heart, she removes her hand from yours and acknowledges that our relationship has expired. She fears things will only worsen after this date and wishes to avoid such a fate.

She expresses her boundless love for him, a love that will never fade. It is not because of all the material things he has given her but simply because of who he is, a person anyone would love. She removes the negative image she had of him in her mind. She tears up their family photo with Choti but keeps a picture of Anuj and Choti on his phone as a reminder of their bond. She then tears up her photo, signifying that she is letting go of their relationship and all the emotional baggage associated with it. Her heart has no trace of anger as she sets him free from their bond. She assures him she will not worry about her and promises to handle her emotions. She urges him to take care of himself and Choti and hopes there will be no bitterness between them. The uncertainty of whether they will ever cross paths again remains unknown.

If we meet, there will be no regrets. She is grateful for his love and for being a part of her life. He assures her that though she may not physically be in his life, she will always be present in his prayers and offerings. She prays to Kanha ji to care for everyone and says “Jai Shri Krishna” with folded hands. Anuj echoes the same sentiment, addressing her as “Anupama.” Tears roll down Anupama’s face as she is on the verge of falling. Anuj tries to help but holds himself back. As she approaches him, she puts on her sandals and leaves without looking back. Angry, Anuj watches her leave.


Five years later, at Vadodara. Devika comes to Anupama’s house. She asks when you will live as Jogan, and he gives her the tickets and work permit to America. Anupama joins the flight.

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