Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 25th March 2024 Written Episode: Emotional Revelations and Family Conflicts

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 25th March 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

As Chanchal informs Baa about the need to determine an auspicious time for another ritual, Hemraj voices his concerns that Ishwar may be unable to finalize the marriage agreements. Mehul then questions if one month is a sufficient timeframe, to which Hemraj reassures him not to worry as they are soon to become a family, and he does not want any dowry. Anousya Baa inquires further, but Hemraj explains that they have three functions planned – Chundri Urana, Mehandi, and the wedding itself.

Anousya Baa informs Ishwar that their family is quite extensive, and even their relatives will be attending, so he should be prepared to take care of a large crowd. Hemraj then mentions that they have decided to extend invitations to everyone for the Rajkot function. Later on, Ishwar shares with Mehul how Hemraj claims to reject any dowry but has taken all of their possessions in secret. Mehul adds that they need to start getting ready as there are many arrangements to make. Chanchal instructs Samta to retrieve a box from Heta’s room, which she promptly does. Revealing that the box is for Nandini and her brother Mitesh, Chanchal assures Ishwar that although parents naturally worry about their daughters, he should trust her and leave everything in her hands as Nandini is her daughter.

Hemraj says Nandini is very lucky because they never thought she would be given a mother. In response to Hemraj’s request that Ishwar keep things in control, Ishwar starts crying. Hemraj asks Ishwar to prepare for the wedding without forgetting what they both talk about, Ishwar and Mehul leave, Hemraj calls the minister to let him know he has done the work for him in Upleta, but he should also work on the highway land.

While lying on the floor, Nandini calls her mother to ask if this was all her plan and to tell her to pay attention to it, as her daughter is about to marry Naren and will always be happy. She thanks her mom for her blessing.

Naren informs Dhawal that he has completed all the entries. As they discuss, Virel arrives and mentions that Naren may not know that the wedding is in one month. Dhawal gives his blessings to Naren while Jigar warmly embraces him. Naren mentions that he must also meet Ishwar before leaving for home. Virel reminds them they have left, and Uncle will call upon reaching the platform. Naren asks Virel to check on the recently delivered diamonds, to which Virel agrees. Meanwhile, Dhawal and Jigar decide to leave together, but Dhawal insists that Virel go instead. When Jigar asks where they are headed, Dhawal reveals that he has called an architect for their plot of land, causing Jigar to hug him excitedly.

Nandini is sitting down when she receives a call from Naren. She inquires about his plans, and he responds that he needs to meet with their uncle before heading to Upleta. Meanwhile, Mehul approaches Ishwar and reminds him to eat before they depart for Upleta. Ishwar expresses guilt over breaking his promise to Nandini not to give a dowry. Mehul reassures Ishwar that he always had Nandini’s best interests at heart, and now she will marry the kind and caring Naren, along with his mother. However, Ishwar is still concerned about Hemraj and his greediness.

Mehul advises Ishwar not to act this way, reminding him that even the victorious diamond king, Hemraj, cannot afford to be simple. He urges Ishwar to think positively and consider how much joy Nandini would have in their home. Ishwar brings up Nandini’s stance against dowry, but Mehul is concerned about how she will react when she discovers the truth. Their conversation is interrupted by a surprised Naren, who confesses he does not support dowry either. Mehul asks what happened, to which Naren replies that they are currently dining at a local restaurant.

Mehul claims the situation is well-known, while Naren inquires about Ishwar’s emotional state and whether he is shedding tears. Both Mehul and Ishwar deny this, prompting Naren to ask if their father said something to upset them. Mehul responds that their father has accepted their relationship. Naren expresses concern for his uncle, to which Mehul explains that his emotions stem from disbelief that their love has finally been recognized. He adds that while sadness is often felt alone, happiness can be seen in one’s expression. Naren then leads Ishwar to sit down and remarks on how a person’s true character is revealed through actions. He also points out how well Ishwar knows his mother, who never lets them leave without sharing a meal.

Chanchal insisted on the bride and groom eating, but Ishwar replied that Naren, Nandini’s uncle, also argued about it. Ishwar then asked if Nandini would appreciate such a gesture. Meanwhile, Mehul agreed that he was from their generation but lacked the education of Naren and Nandini. He assured them that he would adapt with time. Naren supported his statement and instructed their worker to bring another thali for Mehul. This shocked Ishwar, prompting Naren to ask if there was an issue. Nevertheless, he clarified that he wouldn’t eat much from Ishwar’s thali as his food was coming.

As Ronaq sips her drink, she questions whether she can afford such an opulent house. Meanwhile, the girl descends the stairs with a cheerful grin. Naren and Chanchal are excited as Naren expresses how he thought he would have to settle for merely living with a painting, but now his beloved Nandini will be by his side. Despite this, Chanchal remains apprehensive. Naren reassures them both that they are getting lost in their worries. Nandini chimes in, pondering aloud how, traditionally, women brought dowries with them when they got married, yet his father agreed to the union without one. Naren reveals that she convinced him and that his father has changed for her. However, Chanchal interjects with concern about seeing Nandini’s photo before meeting her in person in Upleta.

Chanchal has just finished getting ready and urges Naren to join her immediately. Naren worries about how they will manage, prompting Chanchal to suggest going to Upleta. While cooking, Nandini receives a video call from Naren, who informs her that his mother wants to speak with her. Nandini happily answers the call and is greeted by Chanchal. Amidst their conversation, Chanchal asks if Nandini had any trouble with the wheat and if she is content with her life. She even jokingly suggests that Nandini should refer to her as “aunt,” but Heta interrupts and insists that she can be called “mom” instead. Heta also joins the video call and compliments Nandini’s beauty, noting that she appeared even more straightforward in person than in the portrait Naren had shown her. This causes Nandini to become emotional.


Mehul asks Nandini what she means by it. Nandini replies he did what she hates and is against, but he did it still.

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