Teri Meri Doriyaan 10th June 2023 Written Update


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Sahiba prays to God to heal Angad soon and vows to leave the hospital only with him. As recommended by the doctor, Akaal asks Manveer to rest. Seerat tells Jasleen not to worry about Angad, and Garry learns that Seerat knows how to play her cards well.

As soon as Manveer sees Angad’s condition, he feels dizzy. Inder holds her. Akaal asks Inder to take Manveer home. Seerat says Akaal is right because Manveer’s condition isn’t right. The woman who worries them is showing fake concern for her. Jasleen asks her to go home and asks her to put her personal differences aside during these tough times. They learn that visiting hours are over, and only two people are allowed to stay at the hospital.

Manveer opposes Jasleen’s suggestion that Sahiba and Garry stay with Angad tonight. Jasleen says the only option is for Sahiba to stay with Angad. Akaal asks her to make sure Sahiba does not get too close to Angad. Seerat promises him.

The whole family takes Manveer in a wheelchair and notices Sahiba there. Jasleen asks if she hasn’t left yet. Sahiba says she won’t until Angad recovers. Akaal yells at Sahiba and walks away with her family. While Angad risked his life to save his wife’s life, Seerat thinks her husband is rude to her. Garry asks her to keep staring at Angad while Angad is still unconscious. From there, he leaves.

When the nurse sees Sahiba, he asks if she hasn’t left yet. Sahiba asks about Angad. She replies that Angad is still in critical condition, but he will recover soon with the prayers of his caring wife. Keerat walks over to Sahiba. According to Sahiba, Angad got injured trying to save her after the shopkeepers attacked her and her shop.

She breaks down and Keerat provides her with comfort. When Angad regains consciousness, he notices Sahiba holding her hand and enquires about her shop and Ajith. Sahiba implores him to not think about it. Angad expresses his desire to tell her something that had happened at the shop. All of a sudden, he realizes it is Seerat standing beside him instead of Sahiba. Seerat explains she has been present since the previous night but Akaal did not permit Sahiba to come since she was responsible for his accident. Angad desperately looks for his mobile in order to speak with Sahiba but Seerat reminds him that he is still too weak. Nevertheless, he continues worrying about her even in this state.

Garry walks in and tells Angad that he and Seerat have been with him since last night, and he just went out to call. A doctor walks in and asks Angad how he feels now. As it is Sahiba who brought Angad here and saved his life, the doctor says it is because of excessive blood loss.

Garry snatches Seerat’s phone and says he will inform the family and increase his numbers. Sahiba walks in. Seerat explains she cannot meet Angad.


It is Seerat’s duty to stop Sahiba from meeting Angad. Sahiba says Angad’s wife cannot be stopped. Seerat says as a Brar family bahu, she is tasked with stopping Sahiba from reaching Angad. When Sahiba asks whether Angad wants the same, Angad calls Sahiba and runs to him. Angad apologizes to her.


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