Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 3rd April 2023 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 3rd April 2023 Written Update on

Sai shows her face and says she is not Durga. After winning the case and pounding Masala here, Satya asks her why she came to butter him. Sai says she didn’t come to butter him, nor pound masala. He asks her why she came.

Satya asks if Sai came here to return his phone and Sai says she also wants to speak to him. Sai says she came here to return his phone. As for Virat, he tells Bhavani that he will speak to Paakhi and even hired a lawyer in order to begin divorce proceedings. However, it’s a hard relationship to break, so he needs time to do so.

As the new head of the family after her, Bhavani says he will have to learn to take tough decisions for the family’s benefit and forget about some relationships.; he needs to understand her words as he has to take tough decisions in the future and can’t become weak. She and Nagesh have taken tough decisions before and after marriage.

It is his issue, so let him handle it; Virat understands her words, but he cannot break someone’s heart, so he needs some time. Bhavani says it’s a family issue and hence elders have to intervene, but she cannot interfere with the other issue, and Virat asks which one he has to handle alone.

As Sai asked Satya why he left the hospital suddenly, Dr Survase responded that he fell ill and took a leave of absence. Satya recalled Gayatri’s death and said he was feeling ill, so he took a leave. Behind his smile, Sai asks him poetically if he is hiding something.

His response is to forget about his pain and smile. Sai notices a bandage on his hand and asks when he injured himself. He said he was fine when he left the hospital. Seeing his entire family peeping in, Satya tells Sai that she was so worried about him that she came here instead of returning his mobile, then asks the family if they want to hear this.

He asks Sai to leave before his family begins making up stories about her. The family refuses to let Sai leave and takes her inside.

Virat is asked by Bhavani if he has informed Sai that he wishes to spend his life with her. Virat replies that he has not yet. She says he should inform Sai as soon as possible, otherwise, it will be too late, and that he wants to live a happy life with her and her children.

As a woman, she understands that when a woman deeply loves someone and senses a threat to that love, she is capable of going to great lengths to protect it, even if it means that everything is destroyed in the process. She knows of one such woman who sacrificed her own life and affected the lives of others due to her intense love. Sai is being offered snacks by Satya’s family, and she persists in wanting to have them.

Satya jokes. Maddy says Satya knows cooking, stitching, artwork, etc. Satya begins to sing and declares his intention to showcase all of his talents to her. Sai laughs.

An office boy delivers an envelope to Vinu and asks him to give it to Virat Chavan. Saavi says let’s see if there is a puzzle in it and solve it. Vinu opens the envelope. The lawyer informs Virat that an office boy handed over paperwork to some boy. He is angry with the lawyer for his carelessness and rushes down to receive divorce papers.

When Paakhi stops Virat from picking up papers, he says Baba will get angry if these are important documents. Virat rushes down and Paakhi gives him papers. Virat drops papers in nervousness and stands tensed when papers come out of the envelope. Paakhi asks why he is in such a hurry.

Satya inquires with his family if they would like to witness more of his talents and invites Sai to take some snacks along and share them with Vinu. Amba expresses curiosity about Vinu’s identity, prompting Satya to explain that he is Sai’s son. The family sits in astonishment as Satya reveals that they will have a discussion at the hospital the following day. Satya proceeds to pack snacks and spices, urging Sai to depart at that moment.

Sai leaves. Grandma asks if Sai has a son. Amba says Satya is joking as there is no mangal sutra on Sai’s neck. Grandma praises god that Satya and Sai were united. Virat picks up papers and says he was just worried Vinu and Saavi would spoil confidential documents. Paakhi appears confused by his anxiousness.


Sai returns home and tells Virat she had visited Dr. Satya’s house. Virat asks why. Sai says he shouldn’t interfere with her personal life. Virat says he made a mistake. Virat signs divorce papers and says he will tell Sai he wants to spend the rest of his life with her and their children. Paakhi hears him say that.


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