Ghum hai kisike

Sai at Chavan Nivas upsets Vinu, so he locks himself in his room. Pakhi calls for him and asks him to open the door. Vinu opens the door and returns back to his tent. Pakhi asks him to eat. He asks why dirty aunty Sai came here, since baba has broken his promise and no longer trusts anyone. She assures Vinu that she won’t break her promise. Ashwini walks in with pav bhaji. Vinu panics imagining it’s Sai. Ashwini assures him that she won’t let Sai take him away and offers him the paav bhaji.

Ashwini should speak to Virat now as Vinu hasn’t had food since morning and has locked himself in a room. Pakhi informs Ashwini that Virat is busy with Sai and Savi, and Ashwini should talk to him. In order to prepare dinner for Savi and Sai, Bhavani asks Sonali to cut onions. Sonali sheds tears due to the pungency of onions and says those tears are tears of joy.

After scolding her, Bhavani asks Virat to give Savi and Sai tiffin. Virat is surprised. As soon as Bhavani accepts Savi as her DIL, she will pamper her like a grandmother; she loves both grandchildren and would be delighted to serve them both. Bhavani walks behind Virat holding another tiffin. Sonali is confused by Bhavani’s sudden behavior change.

Savi asks Sai if she is tired working. Sai says yes. Savi says they should both press each other’s legs. Sai smiles and says she told her to sit aside and watch her work. It is impossible for Sai to sit silent when her parents are working, they are family and should help each other.

Savi asks if she can’t have real food from Chavan nivas. Sai says they don’t consider us as their family and hence will not send food to them; she asks her to have chaat silently and promises to prepare her food tomorrow.

She says she will only eat with him. Virat enters with tiffins and says his aayi remembered his baba, and he is here. Sai feels happy seeing him. Virat says her badi aaji has sent her favorite paav bhaji. He recalls his past moments with Sai, enjoying chats and paav bhaji with Sai hearing Sai’s poetry.

Virat tells Savi that Sai used to recite shayaris whenever he brought chaats for her. Savi asks him to repeat those shayaris. Virat repeats them. Savi asks him to tell more shayaris. Sai gets emotional and tries to leave. Virat holds her hand. Sai recites a shayari meaning they can’t reunite. Virat walks into the dining room. Pakhi taunts him that Sai would have fed him. Virat replies that Savi did since she wanted to have dinner with him.

In a loud voice, Pakhi shouts that he’s worried about his daughter but not his son who is starving and upset. She continues to shout to reveal his intentions and make everyone his devotees. Omkar says that someone has already become a devotee. She says Bhhavani has already prepared paav bhaji for Savi and Sai and looks like she is a fan of Sai. Pakhi shouts that everyone is Sai’s devotee, and they have been planning this for a long time.

Sai gets sad seeing Vinu’s panicked video and calls Pakhi when Pakhi sends it to him. While waiting for her call, Pakhi sent her the video to let her know Vinu’s condition had worsened and he was suffocating in his room without opening the windows because Sai was afraid.

Sai cannot see Vinu in such a condition, so she should not go from there for Vinu’s sake. Sai says whatever a heated conversation they had yesterday, though she meant each word after much thought; she is here in order to remove toxicity from his son’s mind and won’t leave until that happens.

She eats lunch with Virat and feeds him. Sai walks in, apologizes for disturbing them, and says she wants to file an official complaint. Pakhi asks her to come back after lunch break.

Sai’s auto is hit from behind by a speeding car.

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