Faltu 21st April 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

Faltu 21st April 2023 Written Episode Update on Worldofentertainment.in

As the episode begins, Kanika threatens Janardhan. Janardhan leaves. Sid smiles and says thanks, it was the best day of my life. Tanu says you accepted my offer, you had to get a reward. Faltu makes breakfast. Sumitra says I am throwing a party, I got some great news. Dadi asks what the news is.

Fatu watches. Sumitra says Sid called and said Janardhan had appointed him executive director, Tanu, and he would make all decisions. Savita asks, and Ayaan? You know Janardhan has ousted him from the company, but the good news is that the business is still running, Sid is Ayaan’s brother. Savita asks what nonsense.

Janardhan will tell her, Sumitra says. Savita says Janardhan has transferred the shares as well. Sumitra says she feels sorry for Ayaan, aren’t you happy for Sid, he is your son too. Sid says I got ice cream for everybody, it’s my treat, and I’ll take everyone out for dinner.

Sumitra says thank you, I’m so proud of you. Sid thanks her. Govind scolds Sid. He says I’ve seen his talent, Kanika and Tanu are misusing their power, Janardhan might be upset with Ayaan but he knows what’s right and wrong. In his apology to Savita, Govind apologizes. Faltu hugs Ayaan and cries. He says dad never thought about how I would feel. It’s because of me, he says.

My dad didn’t trust me, so I’m fine, don’t worry, I’ve done my MBA, I’ll get a good job, and we will go home together. She says I will earn money as well. He says no, it’s my responsibility, focus on your game, you’ll become a great cricketer, and they’ll come meet you.

It is Savita’s job to keep Ayaan happy and peaceful. Tanu says I love Ayaan, I can’t see him upset, stop blaming me, it is Faltu’s fault. Savita says Ayaan has already left the house, why was the need to remove him from business, where will he go now? Faltu will rob your house of happiness and peace, Tanu says.

Don’t say this, Savita says, and forgive us. You also move on in your life, she says. Kanika and Tanu have forced Janardhan to do this, don’t leave your dad, I saw Sid and Sumitra celebrating your departure, we should find out what their plans are. He says I don’t want to find out. She gets angry at Tanu. Savita says Ayaan already married Faltu.

Tanu asks about the puja preparations. Savita says I forgot about this in tension. Tanu says you prepare for puja, mom and I will also attend. Kanika asks why we will go there. Tanu says we should go there, Sid agreed to help me, the game has become interesting. Dadi and Savita talk about Faltu.

Savita says if Faltu comes in puja, Janardhan will not come, Tanu will come. Tanu says the puja shouldn’t be successful, so you should help me stop the puja. Sumitra says okay, tell me what to do. Tanu claims the puja shouldn’t take place. She agrees that Tanu wants to prove Faltu is inauspicious.

Her response is that she will not let any problem enter her life. Ayaan says I will get some items, stop eating junk food. Faltu says it is puja tomorrow, I will fast for you. His sadness deepens. He says all the relations changed in 2 days, no one informed me about the puja. She says we will do the puja together, and it will be like the old times. He leaves.


Sid says Faltu is unlucky for this house. Faltu gets the lotus flowers and faints. Dadi says she has been bitten by a snake. Ayaan shouts.

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