Faltu 10th February 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

Throughout the episode, Janardhan scolds Ayaan. Ayaan apologizes for saying that in anger. Everyone questions Ayaan. Ayaan tells that in anger, Faltu wants to repay the favour, so she can take care of Dadi and Ayesha. Suhana and Kinshuk come. Janardhan asks. Suhana drops the colours.

Tanisha scolds him for doing whatever she wants. Govind asks him to listen to her once. Tanisha says she knows what she is doing. If there are any problems, she can refuse to come. Ayaan says Dad is right, I don’t want to see her face. Janardhan tells Ayaan he realized his mistake. Sid defends Tanu, saying he can’t back out now since she has donated 20 lakhs.

We don’t want 20 lakhs, think we’ve made a charity. Faltu comes home. She walks over to the red powder. Faltu says you are rich, so you can donate the money, but my parents taught me to never keep anyone’s favour, so I will protect my self-esteem and pay for Tanisha’s favour.

Ayaan says stop the drama, get lost. She asks really, you needed me and asked me to come here as a maid, you can come to me to return money or blame me for theft, I don’t want any risk, I have to become a cricketer.

Faltu says fine, I know everyone’s likes and dislikes, give me some time to go to academy for practice, I promise I won’t complain. Ayesha and Dadi ask for help from her. Dadi offers to help Savita. Savita says I don’t want your help, stay away from me and the kitchen. Faltu says fine, I know everyone’s likes and dislikes, I promise I won’t complain.

Sid also supports her. Faltu asks what everyone will say when she makes me leave. Tanisha shows her the servant’s room. She goes with her. Sumitra and Sid get happy. Tanisha takes Faltu to a storeroom. She says this is your room, it is dirty but you’ll manage, your salary is 30000r, I’ll tell you about the cricket trial, take a nap, and I’ll be back. Ayaan recalls Faltu’s words as she runs on the treadmill. Faltu cries and gets sad.

He says you can’t come here to irritate me, I will make sure you regret staying here. Faltu says I will clean this room first, and she begins. Her room looks amazing, she says. Tanisha stops Ayaan. He says you shouldn’t have brought her here, you made a mistake.

Savita talks to Kumkum about Faltu. She says she doesn’t know what Faltu will do this time. Faltu smiles. She says thanks Matarani, I got a job, now I have to earn money for Dad’s operation and win Tanisha’s faith. She offers help. Savita says I told you to get out of here. She calls the servant in anger. Faltu says I will help you. Servant arrives.

Tanisha comes and asks Savita to let Faltu help. Savita gets upset and goes. She asks Faltu to take tea for Janardhan. Tanisha thinks that everyone hates Faltu. She asks Faltu not to feel bad. Faltu says she’ll see any other work. She leaves.


Tanisha says you don’t accept the marriage, what game are you playing, Ayaan is just yours. Faltu secretly applies sindoor.

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