Faltu 24th February 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

Vishal asks Faltu about Ayaan. She says it is my personal matter. He says sorry, I won’t talk about it, it happens to everybody, when it happens to me, I write down what I think. Sumitra says don’t worry. Sid says Ayaan will go on honeymoon with Tanu, what will I do then? He advises her. She says sorry. He asks her to come with him and take the medicine. Sumitra says don’t worry.

Kanika and Janardhan will throw us out of here. Sid says I’ll send Faltu’s confession video to Ayaan. She says if you leak that video, Tanisha will find out everything. Vishal gives the medicine. He offers help to relieve her shoulder pain. Sid says I will say that hospital staff leaked the video. I have to take the risk to stop them.

He said I understand, a man’s touch can be uncomfortable for you, you got a neck sprain, take some time off from practice, and get some physiotherapy. He says yes, I can try, just two minutes, and that you won’t always get female physiotherapists when you become a cricketer. He does the massage. He tells her, it takes two minutes, to go to a physio, and it will confirm that there is no injury. Trust yourself, everything will be fine.

There will be a video clip on every portal, making this a scandal. The man says don’t worry, we’ll make a big deal out of it. Faltu comes for practice in the morning. Vishal asks how she’s doing. She replies that she feels better now. He says to warm up. He gets a call. The video goes viral. Faltu asks what you are watching on your phone. Kanika asks Mr Agarwal to get Faltu, we don’t train such bad girls. He assures her she does not have to worry.

Faltu asks what nonsense? She watches the video. She cries. She drops the phone. Everyone blesses Ayaan and Tanisha. Kanika meets them. Ayaan and Tanu leave. Faltu denies everything. She hugs Tanu and says the game has started, just leave soon, I’m going to see Faltu’s destruction. Kanika comes and says yes. Faltu says you know me right, I went to Vishal’s room on these girls’ sayings, trust me. Mr Agarwal comes and scolds Faltu. Faltu says we only have a Guru and student relationship.

Sumitra asks what happened. Sid shows the video. He says Kanika and Tanu planned this. Tanu never told me what she planned. Sid says yes, both of them did this to defame Faltu so she loses Ayaan and her cricket dream. Sumitra asks what can we do. Ayaan took Tanu on their honeymoon.

Ayaan can’t check Ayaan’s phone because Tanu won’t let him. Kanika shows the video and scolds Faltu. She asks Faltu to leave. Sid tells him to send this video to Ayaan. Sid says Ayaan won’t go on his honeymoon if he sees this video. Sumitra thinks Tanu shouldn’t defame Faltu so low, to get his way. Don’t do anything wrong, otherwise, your plan may backfire.

Vishal comes there. They ask Vishal what the truth is. Vishal says whatever is shown in the video is the truth. Faltu is shocked.


Ayaan is shocked to see Faltu’s video. He says Faltu deserved it. Faltu says he will not spare anyone who had defamed him.

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