Faltu 16th May 2023 Written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

Faltu 16th May 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment,in

There is no problem here, Faltu says. Goon asks her to give the file. She says chill, it’s a nice day. The police van comes. The goons flee. The judge says it’s good you’ve come, I’ve called you. The inspector asks who they were. Faltu says we’ll see later, we have to go to court now. Janardhan asks her if the files reached Ayaan. Faltu says no, I hid them in a temple outside the court.

Tanu hugs Ayaan and asks how you were hurt. Faltu will come with the proof, Ayaan says, so don’t do this drama. She claims the proof reached the court, but she lied. They argue. Faltu, Janardhan and Suhana arrive. Ayaan hugs Janardhan and cries. He defends himself in court.

As Tanu’s lawyer accuses him of wasting the court’s time, Faltu comes crying and says the file isn’t there. Ayaan is stunned. Savita makes many food dishes. Dadi says Ayaan is coming back, not the entire jail. Kumkum calls Janardhan. She says the hearing isn’t over yet. Savita waits for Ayaan. Faltu says some goons have stolen my files. Ayaan asks what she means. Faltu says sorry.

Ayaan says Tanu has done this. The lawyer says my client has stolen it. Ayaan says sorry, I want extra time to arrange evidence. Tanu smiles. The judge asks your wife how she could hide it in such a public place like a temple if she was so careless. I know you have kept the file case safe, you can’t lose courage; take care of the family. Faltu says give me some time, I’ll get the proof. Ayaan says please. The judge adjourns the hearing. Faltu apologizes.

Kanika tells Faltu that you have done well, that the judge gave her another chance to Ayaan, and that she is disappointed but well done. Tanu asks Faltu how he is doing. As she tells her, just leave Ayaan’s life, I won’t let you win, and you are wondering how I found out about it. Faltu sits crying. Savita stands at the door, making an aarti plate and waiting for Ayaan. She says the driver informed her. She says you’ve seen how far I can go to save him.

Tanu, Sid and Kanika arrive, with Tanu giving Savita a hug and then saying Faltu is of no use as she wasn’t able to protect the file. Savita snaps that she hasn’t got time for such worthless talk and will instead converse with Faltu when Janardhan, Suhana and her turn up. Dadi inquires where Ayaan is and why he hasn’t come before Faltu bursts into tears, leading Tanu to point out that Savita had ample proof of his innocence so she should not listen to her foolish words. Asking what has happened results in Savita letting go of the aarti plate before Faltu divulges all the information whilst apologising profusely.


Everyone supports Faltu as she prays. Tanu announces that this house will be auctioned now that you have all been thrown out.

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