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Faltu Episode Update

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Savita asks Faltu why she didn’t free Ayaan. Tanu and Kanika ask her why she trusted an uneducated girl. Faltu asks Tanu to stop it. Tanu says Ayaan was my husband and my first love. As Savita argues with them, she says you do not care about Ayaan, but about Faltu. Kinshuk and Ayesha appear. Kinshuk asks if did Ayaan not come. Savita says no. She throws the food angrily. Everyone stops Savita.

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In response, Savita says you lied to me. You promised me you would get my son back. Where is he, and what is her motive? Faltu apologizes. She says I have no way to bring him back, I have thought about it, I will leave this place. ‘What did you say, say again,’ Tanu asks. Faltu says he will leave this house and Ayaan’s life forever. Tanu smiles. Faltu says I want him to stay happy with his family, no one can stay happy here if I stay here. We will leave the house, it’s better to stay on the roads, Janardhan says Faltu won’t leave the house. I have decided it.

Ayesha says I have a baby, where are we going. Sid says please think once. Janardhan says I didn’t ask for advice or help, we’re leaving, Faltu made me realize, we’ll figure something out. Kinshuk agrees to drop Ayesha and her baby off at her Maayka. He asks her to go home for a few days. She says my baby needs a father too, we will go together. He asks what the problem is, Dad needs me, Ayaan is in jail. They argue.

We want the baby to get a good upbringing, you see what’s happening here. Faltu says we have to support each other, they want us to fight, and it’s not okay to let them win. Ayesha says this is all your fault. She is asked to stop by Kinshuk. It is a fight for our rights and self-esteem that Faltu says, please stop fighting. I was considering leaving this house, but after seeing Dad and everyone’s courage, I feel I should stand my ground and not run away. What will happen if I leave? Tanu is a bad person and will always be bad, everything will be fine, it’s a fight for our rights.

She asks Janardhan not to go anywhere. She says if Faltu leaves, then everyone can stay back. Sid asks Kanika what she wants to do. Tanu says you can get Ayaan back if Faltu leaves. Janardhan leaves. Kanika says I am ready to sell the business. Faltu says I knew it, I will stay here and watch you. She says Tanu, we will sell the business and go away, we will plan your future together.

It’s wrong, Sid says, Tanu loves Ayaan, but I love her, I supported her plan, and I’m still standing with her, don’t I deserve a chance with her, I know Tanu won’t agree to our relationship. You can see everything, I can make her happy, I’ve always loved Tanu, I can’t see her upset, can you trust me? Tanu says I love Ayaan. He says he doesn’t love you and never will. She asks how dare you. He says you will never get him, I will go to any length for your love, you don’t value me.

Kanika asks them to stop fighting. She says it’s my final decision to sell the business. Sid says he’s not wrong. You deserve happiness, not this madness. He leaves. Tanu weeps. Faltu asks the chawl guy to get a CCTV video of the locality. He says it’s a police investigation. She sits crying. She imagines Ayaan with her. He encourages her.


Tanu tells the family to leave. She says the house will be auctioned.

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