Faltu 6th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

As the dance performances begin in Sangeet, Ayaan sees Faltu. Raatan Lambiyaan…plays… Govind steps on Sumitra’s foot. They all laugh at him. Sumitra asks someone to give her water. Sid does so.

Her jokes about Govind’s dance make him ask her to assist her. He tells her to concentrate on Ayaan and Faltu, so just record everything on her phone. She replies, “Okay.” He says, “I love you, too, my son.” She says, “I will do as you tell me.” Ayesha welcomes our social media star Suhana. Suhana performs on a Desi girl…

Ayaan and Tanisha perform next. Faltu wishes them all the best. They dance on Maare hivde… Ayaan sees Faltu in Tanisha and wonders what is happening to him. Everyone looks on. He stops dancing. Sid looks at Faltu. Tanisha holds Ayaan’s hand. He continues to dance. Everyone claps for them. Faltu leaves.

Tanisha says I realized true feelings today, I’m sure you’re mine. Sid asks Faltu if she liked the dance. She says yes. Sid says you like Ayaan a lot. He says I knew it, my brother is so charming. You both spent a good time in the village. She says yes, he helped me a lot and gave me a place in his house, which is unusual for a stranger to do.

He says wow, his good-hearted nature has impressed you, and if Tanisha was not in his life, would you agree to marry him? She asks what you are asking. He says you felt bad, I was just asking you. She says she came here to make her name, not to marry, my aim is to make her name, I don’t think about anything else. She goes. Ayaan dances with Tanisha, so I have to change this story into a love triangle before marriage, he says.

The entire family dances on Gallan Goodiyaan. Ayaan spots Faltu and tells somebody about coaching her. He showers her with praises for her talents. When the lady queries who she is, Tanisha invites Ayaan to have food. Smitten by Tanisha, Suhana requests a selfie with her. Ayaan then introduces his special guest and beckons Faltu to come talk to him, later taking her inside the house. He emphasizes that she is not a servant and questions who asked her to serve the dishes; Faltu humbly replies that she used to do such work in villages as well.

It is said that I have not given you any gift yet. He insists that you become a cricketer, listen to me carefully, and get up early. She asks why so soon. Sumitra thinks I can’t hear them. Ayaan tells Faltu to take some food and rest. Sumitra records them. The guards will see me, Faltu says. Ayaan says you should wear comfortable clothes in the morning.

Janardhan calls him out. Ayaan says come from the back door, there are no guards. Sumitra says they are doing something wrong. She shows Sid the video. She says I helped you, you don’t hide everything from me, I’m the best, and I’m thinking about opening a detective agency. Sid says the video is junk.

Ayaan says that I had to go see him to ask if I can take the video. He says it is useless video. She asks him to look at their body language, they seem friendly. Sid says yes, you are right, I tried to talk to Faltu to provoke her, she didn’t say anything, but some scene is going on, I have to highlight it and show the family, I know everything, I know how to protect myself. He says she’s smart. I will act as a friend and show Janardhan everything. He leaves.

Faltu gets ready and is leaving. Bua wakes her up and tells her to leave, Ayaan is waiting. Faltu asks where he will take me. Bua says Ayaan is disciplined, go fast.

The precap:

Sumitra gets shocked when she sees a shadow and asks who it is. Ayaan waits for Faltu.

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