Anupama 27th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Anupama written update

Kinjal and Kavya are desperate for news about Anuj and Anupama.  They have not told Baa and Bapuji that they are missing.  Kinjal calls Samar to get the latest news and Bapuji overhears them talking.  He faints.

Dheeraj, Devika, Samar and Dimple are on the road searching for the two.  Samar gets a panic attack.   Devika tells him he cannot lose hope and they must search for Anupama. 

Toshu blames himself for Anupama’s problems.  He says this would not have happened if he had not fallen sick.  He says before he fell sick Anupama had to come to solve his and Kinjal’s fights.  He has always troubled Anupama and never given her any happiness.  He is feeling bad because the world’s best mom had to get a useless son like him.  Hasmukh says we are all responsible for her troubles.  Vanraj says we are not responsible.  They are just blaming us for their problems.  Kavya and Kinjal say we are the problem or else their relationship was perfect.  We kept calling Anupama for every small reason.  Hasmukh we did not let Anuj and Anupama be with each other for their relationship to grow.  We kept calling her here and she did not get a chance to concentrate on her own family. 

Everyone in the Shah family feels they are responsible for Anupama’s troubles.  But Vanraj does not agree with them.  He says she is the mother of the three kids and she has a responsibility towards this family too.  Kavya assures Hasmukh that we will find them soon.  Vanraj says we will find them but they will separate again. 

Paakhi holds a poster of Anupama and is crying.  Adhik consoles her but Pakhi brushes him off saying he is just waiting for a chance to take over the business and he does not want them to return.  Adhik says we have to manage the business till Anuj and Anupama come back because we cannot afford for the business to go into a loss.  He says he is helping his sister and brother-in-law just because he does not want the business to shut down.  Both argue.  Just then Samar calls and the conversation is cut short.  Adhik goes to meet Samar,

Humsafar saath hum sab chhod ke chale gaye … this song is playing in the background and Anuj and Anupama are still aimlessly walking.

Vanraj remembers his conversations with Anupama when she says nobody can come between her and Anuj.  He tells himself that he knows Anupama is alone but he is with her.

Anuj sits in a corner of a temple.  Anupam enters the same temple. Anupama prays for Anuj’s well-being and safety and also to return to her.  Anuj gets up and walks into the temple.  While she is praying Vanraj reaches there and keeps his hand on her shoulder.  Anupama looks at him and does not see Anuj who has walked out.  Kinjal lies to Baa that everything is alright at home.  Kavya assures Hasmukh that private investigators are searching

Vanraj tells Anupama that this had to happen.  If not now but a few years later.  He says he always told her not to trust Anuj.  Finally, he too left her.  He says most men run after things they cannot get but once it is in their hands they lose interest and leave.  She has not changed but Anuj has changed.  His mask is off now.  His true colours can be seen.


Vanraj says that he accepts he did not respect her but Anuj is doing the same thing now.  He tells Anupama he has come to take her home.  Anupama refuses to go with him

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