Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 14th November 2023: Harini and Savi’s Performance Sparks Drama at Durva’s Engagement


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As a first step toward her success, Savi suggests that Harini accept the offer to sing at Ishan’s house. Harini insists that Savi accompany her so that she can sing. Savi hesitates. Harini insists. Savi agrees and asks Ishan for help. Durva throws tantrums while picking out her engagement dress. Shikha and Anvi try to help her. Ishan jokes, and they all laugh. Durva says she is tensed, and they are laughing at her.

After receiving a call from him, Harini agrees to perform at Ishan’s house festival. Ishan graciously thanks her and offers to send a car for her performance, which Harini declines, saying she will make arrangements. Savi then asks if she can accompany Harini to the function, to which Ishan agrees. He notes that if Surekha has no issue with Harini, he shouldn’t either. Meanwhile, Harini continues rehearsing her song until she receives a call from Santosh. She expresses her gratitude for his recommendation to Ishan, and they catch up on their conversation, with Santosh asking if she still has his number saved.

For Durva’s engagement, Surekha and Yashwant decorate the house. Nishi asks Shantanu if he should call him. Surekha says Shantanu will bring Isha along, but she cannot tolerate Isha there. Nishi promises to ensure Shantanu comes alone. Yashwant says let us see if Shantanu is more concerned with his family or Isha. Nishi calls Shantanu. Ishan attempts to fix his kurta button.

Surekha fixes the button and tries to leave without speaking to him. Ishan holds her hand and pleads to forgive him. Surekha says it hurts her a lot when she gets angry with him, as he didn’t even come to convince her to be happy. Ishan promises her that he will obey her permanently. Surekha says she has invited a girl’s family she elected for him and should meet her. Afterwards, he informs her that Savi will also accompany Harini. Surekha says she has no problems. Ishan feels happy.

Shantanu says he never got a call from his family, and they don’t consider him a family member. Isha insists Shantanu attend Durva’s engagement ceremony. When Shantanu asks why she bothers him when she doesn’t consider him a family member, Isha says they don’t consider him family if he is waiting for a call. Nishi calls Shantanu and asks if he will be attending the function. Shantanu asks him if he is asking him. Nishi says he means he should attend.

Nishi asks Shantanu where he is coming from. Shantanu says he understands what he means and that he will go alone. After some time, he gets ready for the function and tells Isha that he will return immediately. Isha asks him to bless Durva. She feels dizzy and has a headache after seeing him off. Shantanu holds her tightly and takes her to her room, cancelling the visit.

Anvi says Durva looks very pretty as she gets ready for the function. Asmita performs her nazar and becomes emotional. Nishi walks in and also becomes emotional. Durva’s family embraces her and expresses their feelings. Her friends praise her beauty, but Sam will be lost in it. Ishan walks to her and says she looks pretty. She has misbehaved with him these days, but he is being good to her.

Ishan displays intense emotion as a gift for Samrudh slips from his pocket. Ayush graciously retrieves it and presents it to Ishan. Meanwhile, Durva discovers a heartfelt message inside the gift box, causing her to become emotional. Surekha remarks on Ishan’s immense love for Durva. At this moment, Savi arrives with Harini in tow. However, Durva becomes agitated and attempts to belittle her. Seeing this, Ishan pleads with Durva to allow her sister to perform alongside her. Despite Ishan’s efforts, Durva continues to throw a tantrum. Thankfully, Surekha steps in and defuses the situation. As Savi introduces Harini to everyone, Surekha takes the opportunity to mock her by reminding her that they have given her financial and professional support as a new artist. Naturally, this causes Harini to feel upset.


In a play, Savi and Ishan play Romeo and Juliet. He calls her Reeva instead of Juliet. Reeva reaches there and says, “I love you, Ishan.”.

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