Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 24th March 2023 Written Update

Written Episode of Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 24th March 2023, Written Update on

With his family, Satya celebrates Gudi Padwa by dancing. He then says it’s time to touch his god’s feet, touching his grandmother’s feet. His grandmother blesses him and calls him Sattu. He objects. Maddy taunts him as well. At Chavan Nivas, Bhavani asks the family why Paakhi filed a case against Sai and Pulkit. He then jokes with his aunty.

He enters the room and tells Paakhi that Paakhi has sued him and Sai for removing her uterus during surgery for the purpose of segregating her from Virat. She filed both medicolegal and criminal negligence lawsuits against them; they may lose their medical licenses or even be prosecuted. Paakhi asks Virat how she can think in such a way.

The heinous act, which Paakhi called home to, can only be committed by her. Pulkit says their hard work and reputation will be in vain if they save Paakhi’s life, and he doesn’t know why she did it. Sai says Paakhi wants her out of this house, but she won’t give up and she won’t leave this house with Vinu. Virat tells her not to worry as he will speak to Paakhi.

Satya performs Gudi Padwa pooja with his family. Amba asks grandmother to give Satya extra prasad since he will share half of it with Sai. The group asks what Sai is. Sai, Satya says, is the person who always believes herself to be right. They all say they’ll decide after they meet Sai. Sai always irritates Satya with her actions, he says.

When his senior doctor calls, he learns that Sai has been sued for medical negligence. She may lose her medical license as a result. In Chavan Nai, Virat confronts Paakhi for filing a false case against Sai. Paakhi is convinced that Sai deliberately removed her uterus in order to make her childless.

Virat claims her life was in danger and he gave consent fearing for her life, so she wrongly accused Sai and Pulkit for saving her. He is acting as Sai’s puppet, and Paakhi will make him and Sai realize that he is her husband, and Sai cannot take him away from her.

She walks to the living room shouting. Virat tries to explain that she was not in a position to take a decision and he had to give consent to save her life. She shouts that he just agreed to what Sai said. After accusing Sai of brainwashing the entire family and Vinu into supporting her, Virat has become so mad that he slept with Sai.

It seems that Paakhi should be happy that her son’s fear has vanished and that he is improving; Sai warned her to shut her mouth, she dared to take away her doctory, and she is now assassinating her character; she slept with her children; Sai warned her to shut her mouth. According to Paakhi, Sai snatched everything from her, she’s not sure when she’ll get justice, she’s just Virat’s wife on paper, and she won’t allow anyone to steal anything from her again.

Paakhi says she should be ashamed to file a case against Pulkit who saved her life and her. Virat asks her to calm down and says her fear is making her do unnecessary things. She continues to cry that she doesn’t mind her husband going wherever he wants to, but she can’t tolerate Sai trying to snatch her son from her.

She replies that she will return her case if Sai returns her identity. Virat asks what she means. The Chavans watch silently as Paakhi says she is Virat’s wife and Vinu’s mother, and Sai needs to leave this city and go away from here or she will steal Sai’s identity as a doctor.


As treating patients is Sai’s sole purpose in life, she requests that the medical officer listen to her once before giving a verdict on her case. It turns out that the officer is Satya. Satya says she performed a procedure that was illegal for her ex-husband’s wife’s wife. Virat enters and tries to explain. Satya says Sai’s case got complicated because of him.


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