Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 10th May 2024 Written Episode Update: Nandini Learns the Truth

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 10th May 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Nandini is told that Visakha has hidden something from her, but she should not be angry, as Visakha reveals that Ronak bhai misbehaved with her during Dandia night. Nandini asks why Visakha didn’t tell her about this earlier, and Visakha replies that she didn’t want to cause problems at her wedding. When Nandini starts connecting the events, she tells Visakha that Roopa Bhabhi has never smiled but is always tense.

Nandini says she should also come with them, but Roopa replies they should spend quality time together since she has much to do in the kitchen. When Nandini asks her how the food is, she says she cannot understand what is happening in the house. Kinjil is about to get married but does not want to admit her feelings, while even Roopa Bhabhi suffers from an extramarital affair.

Moreover, Naren tells Samta that the relationship was postponed because Madhav Seth asked for a lot of dowry but not because Kinjil was not of age. Naren wonders why Kinjil didn’t say it in front of Hemraj; Kinjil replies: How could she say something when her parents remain quiet in front of him? As Naren sits in front of Kinjil, he tells her not to worry, as they are all by her side, but she must gather the courage, and Kinjil assures her that she will not even allow anyone else to get married forcefully.

During the pooja, Roopa is performing when Nandini stands beside her. Nandini asks Roopa why she hides her feelings, but Roopa refuses when Nandini calls her Naini. Nandini informs Roopa that she is just coming to let her know she is by her side, so Roopa starts crying. Nandini takes Roopa to her room, where Chanchal comes out of the corner concerned.

When Ronak texts in his room, Jigar angrily approaches him and asks what he thinks of himself for blackmailing his father in this manner, and when Ronak gets concerned, Jigar grabs the phone from him. As Jigar explains, Ronak took five million first, then asked for more, and then Jigar deleted the footage, due to which Ronak was blackmailing them, after which Ronak showed Jigar the video and said he could delete it.

When Ronak takes out the tablet, he says that even if it has the video, Jigar should delete it with his laptop. Jigar is shocked, asking why Ronak sent the footage to Naini. Ronak replies he saved the video for himself, so Jigar asks Ronak why he has not interfered with anything he has done but is doing this to them. Ronak replies that he should know some things about them both since he may not be alone in front of Hemraj,

Jigar says Ronak is talking about Naini and explains they won’t talk about him. Ronak replies he would not give Jigar a chance, which is why he saved the video. When Ronak hugs Jigar furiously, Jigar looks at him furiously, explaining that he would have heard the dialogue that those whose houses are made of glass shouldn’t throw stones at others’ houses.

In the night, Dhawal says Jigar has put them in a lot of trouble because if Hemraj finds out about the cash, he is shocked to see Hemraj, who asks what they are discussing. Hemraj replies he is coming from the police station, and Madhav Seth has not left India while the police are about to catch him. Jigar says this is good news, but Hemraj replies he won’t let Kashyap go like this. Jigar and Dhawal both get worried.

Nandini urges Roopa to sit on the bed as she expresses her regret for making her cry. Roopa discloses that this time, her pain has subsided, as she has suppressed her tears due to everyone having their struggles and suffering. Nandini comforts Roopa, who reveals that Naini is Ronak’s true love. They had a relationship before getting married, which was known to the entire family. However, Hemraj opposed their union, ultimately leading Ronak to marry someone else. Roopa continues that at that exact moment, Jalpa’s parents arrived with a proposal for Ronak’s marriage, leaving Nandini in disbelief.

Roopa expressed her joy for being married in the same home as her sister and being arranged to marry Ronak with fifty tola gold. She was delighted with her new husband and had many hopes and aspirations, but they were all shattered when she married. Roopa then recalled her excitement on the day of their marriage until Ronak unexpectedly entered their room, holding a vase of alcohol in his hands. Her shock deepened as Ronak angrily trashed the room, prompting her to question his actions. In response, Ronak commanded her to sleep on the floor, making it clear that he did not accept their marriage and that there was nothing between them.

Hemraj set the dowry price, Nandini says, so Roopa replies that her uncle did it because he got a fifty per cent discount and fulfilled his responsibilities. Nandini says she can’t believe Hemraj took the dowry. In response, Roopa says that Hemraj separated Ronak from Naini for the same reason that her uncle did, but what was her reason for refusing, so there’s no need to argue? This is her fate,

When Ropa leaves, Nandini panics and sits on the floor, remembering how Naren praised his father when he introduced his family to her, and she even defends Hemraj in front of the guests. As Nandini recalls, when she told Hemraj, she had read his newspaper articles and was familiar with his struggle.


Shiv stops the car. Nandini realizes the farm has been sold, and she demands that Manri tell the truth. Manri replies that they have lost everything. Nandini enters the house. Naren is concerned.

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