Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 15th May 2024 Written Episode Update: Dowry Dilemma and Family Secrets

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 15th May 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

The following night, Manri asks Ishwar to find out who stabbed them at their backs, but Ishwar replies that he contacted him when Manri asks what he said. When Ishwar was at the farm, he called Hemraj and told him only the name on the property papers would change, but Hemraj told him to forget it, as he had also forgotten it. The officials then threw him.

As Manri calls Hemraj a devil, Ishwar responds that the dowry is the devil, and she wonders if Nandini knows the truth about him. Ishwar says they should keep the truth from her. Ishwar asks Manri not to say bad things from her mouth, and Manri says she has never thought about anyone, but today, she feels like cursing them. Ishwar is anxious when he hears that the MLA board is placed on the farm, and Manri tells Ishwar about it.

Roopa is in the room when Nandini enters the room and asks Roopa if Ronak is in the room. Nandini informs Roopa that she will meet Naini today, but Roopa stops her by asking what Ronak would do. She says she will go as a customer and discover the truth about her intentions. Roopa replies that if Naini traps Ronak for her benefit, what can she do now?

In her explanation, Roopa says that the eggshells and undergarments were placed in the house for a reason. She explains that Naini even took the gift that Arjun Khemji sent Nandini, and she had to get it back from her. Nandini assures Roopa she won’t worry, as they will return what she has lost, so Nandini leaves.

Hemraj is sitting in his chair when he gets the call from Khemji, who says that the process has started from the Ministry and that Hemraj would have to come here very soon. When Khemji informs him that he has even put a board on the farm and fencing work is about to begin shortly, Hemraj feels a little disappointed. Then Khemji says he has to fulfill his promise because he did a lot of good for him. Nandini might cause a problem if Hemraj finds out about the farm.

As Nandini prepares to leave with Naren, Chanchal surprises them with an eggless cake she made for Mitesh. At the same time, Hemraj informs Naren that a client will be arriving soon and he needs to attend a meeting with them. Despite Naren’s explanation that he has to go to Upleta, Nandini insists that work should come first. As a solution, Naren suggests returning the car after reaching the office. Meanwhile, Hemraj notifies Ishwar that Nandini has left for Upleta, and he must ensure she doesn’t discover anything about the farm being sold to Arjun Khemji.

As Anousya Baa sits but can’t hold the tea, Jalpa brings it to her. She thinks it is Roopa, so she starts saying bad things about Jalpa. Then she eats a lot. Then Samta comes to inform her she’s not with Roopa but Jalpa. Anousya Baa scolds Jalpa, and then she even starts hating Samta.

The pooja is being performed by Mitesh and Manri when Manri hugs him tightly and then asks him to receive blessings from Ishwar, who also hugs Mitesh when a friend comes to wish him and tells him that he must come. She says she is married to a huge family, and Nandini steps out of the car to wish Mitesh a happy birthday. Manri questions why he did not bring a gift when he says he was waiting for Nandini.

Manri asks Mitesh’s friend to bring him some breakfast, but the friend leaves when Nandini tells Mitesh that Maa sent this cake to him. Nandini says she can even lose her memory but never forgets about his birthday. When Nandini goes to greet Kaku Bai, standing at the door when Ishwar and Manri are talking, Nandini leaves to prepare the cake table.

He asks him not to say anything before the family and takes him into the room. When Kaku asks Ishwar when he will return his money, Ishwar pleads for some more time, but Kaku replies that he has heard that Ishwar lost his job. While Ishwar pleads with Kaku, Nandini walks towards the room to give the cake.


Nandini tells the family that Hemraj took the dowry and farm from her family and even gave the house as collateral. Hemraj admits he did, and Nandini wants it all back.

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