Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 13th May 2024 Written Episode Update: Nandini Confronts Family Traditions

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 13th May 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Chanchal sits on the bed, and Nandini sits with her head resting against the desk. Nandini furiously turns to look at Chanchal, who says she can see complaint in her eyes. Nandini replies that she isn’t sure if it’s a complaint or a question and who to ask.

Nandini says her mother left her when she was three years old, and she thought she would get her mother after going to her in-laws’ house. Chanchal asks if she got it. Nandini asked if she could ask some questions. Chanchal mentions Nandini is calling her mother and even seeking permission, so she explains Naren never asked for it. Nandini asks if Hemraj took dowry at Jigar and Ronaq’s wedding,

Chanchal says that this is the ritual of their society which Hemraj has preserved, Nandini explains that this is not a ritual but greed when Chanchal says that all the parents have accepted it if this is the case. As Chandini asks what is the point in helping if they ruin everything, Chanchal informs Nandini that if Baa hadn’t brought the dowry, maybe Hemraj, Dhawal, and Virel wouldn’t be here,

Hismraj has even given the dowry to the daughter of Hetal, according to Chanchal, which has resulted in her living peacefully in the house now. Nandini tries to explain it is legally a crime. Chanchal questions what she thinks her father has done wrong by taking dowry. Nandini says what about the family of Samta kaki, as they would all be in a lot of trouble after bearing such a burden,

Chanchal says her father has supported them in their life. Chanchal says her father didn’t force anyone to do anything; she told Nandini that he was against the dowry because her mother committed suicide, and Sujan was willing to do whatever it took to bring his daughter to this house. Still, Hemraj refused because he wanted Naren to be happy, so she says it concerns Nandini’s views.

Nandini is called into the room by Nanren. He is shocked when he sees her standing near the window and turns her around, only to discover that she is crying. He asks Nandini what has happened to her and if someone has said anything to her. Nandini replies that she was told a lie. He asks who told her a lie. She replies that she only cares about the lies he told her. When asked what the lie was, Nandini replied that Bapu Ji was against dowry.

Because of his love for her, Naren says he did not want to lose her. As a result, he has always shared everything with his mother, even when he is aware that many things in the house are wrong, but he hasn’t been able to act because of the fear he has for his father, but he cannot let it go,

Despite Nandini’s feelings of awkwardness, his father has struggled a lot to provide them with a good life, and he has heard it all from his mother, who told him all these things. Nandini says he gets the license to do wrong because of the struggle because his mother told him all these things. Nandini asks what would happen if her uncle took the dowry from Mitesh’s in-laws.

According to Nandini, Naren studied in America for his degree, and when he returned, he found out that Ronaq and Jigar were getting married in the same Mandap. He was pleased but then found out that Bapu Ji had taken dowry. In Naren’s opinion, Bapu Ji didn’t even take a penny from Nandini’s family as a dowry, yet the change he experienced was due to her.

In accepting his wrongdoing of Nandini, Naren admits he has hidden the truth about his father, so whatever Nandini decides will be accepted by him. She says she feels broken, and it’s possible Bapu Jee is changing, but he hurt her by lying, so she does not know what to do.

Despite loving him more than him and not wanting to leave him, Nandini keeps crying, unable to understand how to forgive him. Naren gets up and promises Nandini that he will not cause her any further pain in the future and asks for her forgiveness for the last time. Nandini will be performing the Aarti in the morning.

A call from Khemji asks Hemraj what happened to Ishwar’s farm. Hemraj replies that he informed him that the farm is in his name, so the Minister asks him to transfer it. Still, Hemraj replies that he has taken such a considerable risk, so the Minister says it should be his property, and they are both going to the office now.

After seeing Nandini, Hemraj explains that she is educated, so he expects her not to listen to other people’s conversations. Nandini replies that she was returning after the Tulsi pooja, and he was discussing a land, but she did not listen, so he tells her she can go, and Hemraj is worried. When Naren tells Dhawal that he and Nandini have to visit Upleta next week, Hemraj informs Dhawal that the party will take place next week.

Hemraj says the one for whom he used to go has come to their house. Naren informs Nandini that Mitesh’s birthday is next week, and he does not want her to stay away from her brother, so they will return at night. Hemraj agrees to tell Naren not to stay there since there is a party coming from Bombay, while his son-in-law’s respect for him will decrease if he visits frequently.

When Nandini asks Hemraj for permission to ask a question, he asks why, and Nandini points out that he considers all his daughters-in-law to be his daughters. Hemraj asks what kind of question this is since his daughters are the same as him. She then asks him if he can distinguish between his son and son-in-law and if Kirti’s husband comes here more often, he will respect him less.

In response to Chanchal’s request that Nandini not make a fuss about it, Hemraj just quoted a quote which has been going on for a long time. She apologizes if Chanchal felt bad for anything, but if he believes her words are valid, Hemraj agrees with Nandini, explaining that Kirti’s husband keeps coming here for a reason.

Nandini replies that her uncle does not discriminate between Mitesh and Naren, and his respect would not disagree. Hemraj accepts that she cares about the value of his son. Nandini replies that Naren is her husband, and his respect or disrespect is also hers. Hemraj asks Naren to return from Upleta and even takes a nice gift for Mitesh. Naren agrees after Nandini leaves, but Hemraj is furious.


In shock at seeing that the farm ownership has been transferred, Nandini asks Shiv to stop the car. She questions Manri to tell the truth, who replies that they haven’t left anything and have taken the farm and even the house. Naren is stunned by Nandini’s angry walk.

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