Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 17th May 2024 Written Episode Update: Nandini Demands Dowry Return

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 17th May 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

When Hemraj and his family leave, Nandini keeps ringing the doorbell until he and the rest of the family come out. Hemraj questions why everyone is irritated. Nandini says that those burning houses don’t wait until the morning. Hemraj replies that such useless matters are not the time to discuss them. He turns to leave, but Nandini stops him and asks if this is what she learned from her house and if she forgot about the traditions of this house.

In her hands, Nandini says she forgot, but she wants to ask him a question. Chanchal asks what she is talking about and what they have lied about, and Nandini says Bapu Ji has lied to them all. When asked about Bapu Ji’s claims that he did not take even a penny from her family, Nandini replies that he not only demanded it but also stole Dowry from her family, ruining her uncle’s self-esteem.

Jalpa thinks Nandini came without even a single penny, Chanchal says she doesn’t have to talk about the traditions of this house, Nandini claims Chanchal should let her speak because Hemraj took the farm from her uncle along with the house which is now placed as collateral. Had he told the truth, she wouldn’t have married him.

Chanchal asks Nandini to rest in her room when Nandini asks what she would do if she did not enter her room. Nandini says that the tradition of lying isn’t a tradition. Hemraj says he took the dowry, so what? Nandini replies that she wants to hear back about the dowry, which is shocking them all.

Hemraj replies that she has gotten mad. Nandini accepts that she and her entire family have become angry because he has ruined their situation. He will rectify it by returning the farm and 25 thousand dollars. As Nandini recalls, he used to say marriage is between two families, and there is no justice in having one family live in such a large house while the other gets homeless.

Hemraj says he did not take the gold by force or even force him to transfer the farm. When Hemraj asks why Nandini didn’t ask her uncle about the truth, he replies that there is no doubt he will return the gold since the farm was a gift from her uncle. Hemraj says Nandini should be caring for her family. He tells Naren that he does not want to speak to Nandini, but Naren insists on speaking with her.

Naren turned Hemraj in shock when he said he felt his father changed himself for his son and didn’t take the dowry from Ishwar. Hemraj replies even Nandini has set a new situation by demanding the dowry back. Naren holds his hand, pleading with Hemraj to return the farm; Hemraj replies he has sold the land to Arjun Khemji and will fulfill the dream of the diamond factory. Naren explains that they shouldn’t ruin others’ dreams, explaining that it would not be fruitful.

Hemraj asks why Naren is unable to give something from his account. Naren responds by reminding him of his promise to buy new land for Nandini and return the gold, but she insists on having the farm back because it holds sentimental value as her mother’s final resting place. Hemraj reminds Naren that he only agreed to their marriage because of the benefits it would bring regarding land, calling it a business deal. Naren retorts that his father prioritized business over the love for his son and adds that relationships should not be based on business transactions, pleading with Hemraj to spare his flesh and blood.

Chanchal attempts to prevent Naren from questioning her, as she claims to have nothing to say. Naren acknowledges that he and Hemraj made mistakes by not considering Nandini’s feelings. Nandini points out the hypocrisy of Hemraj speaking against dowry while accepting it himself. She questions if she should label him as two-faced. Hemraj reminds Nandini of who she is talking to, but she counters by asking what justice is there in hurting one father for the sake of the other. She vows to return the dowry.

Regardless of what happens, Naren agrees to support Nandini. As Naren takes Nandini’s hand and asks her to accompany him, Hemraj is shocked. Naren takes Nandini from her house. Chanchal is unable to cope, so Hetal tells her to calm down. Kinjil tells them both about Chanchal, so they both run inside. As Hemraj stops them, he says that those causing Chanchal’s condition don’t have the right to return and must leave.

She says she called them both back and sent Kinjil, Hemraj replies now she will tell him what to do, Hetal replies she did what she learned from him as she also left one day, but he brought her back by telling her that she is also the daughter-in-law of this house and has the same rights as Dhawal, and leaving would humiliate the Ratansi family. The same thing applies today, according to Hetal, because the Ratansi family would be destroyed, and he would be held responsible.

Chanchal asks Naren and Nandini why she is stressed so much. He says he is leaving the house, but Hetal asks why he had to leave when Naren says Bapu Ji would want them both out. Hetal says they should not care what Hemraj thinks but just think about how they would get the dowry from him. In Naren’s opinion, Hemraj is unlikely to change his decision, and Hetal says they need to stay in this house for support.

Upon waking, Hetal invites Chanchal to join her at the table for some tea. Anousya Baa joins them, and Chanchal greets her. Baa expresses her disappointment in her daughter-in-law’s actions and questions why she remained silent. Baa adds that Nandini was seeking the return of her dowry, but the outcome of this request was not considered. Hetal defends Nandini’s actions, stating that she did nothing wrong. Anousya Baa points out that even Kinjil agrees with Nandini’s stance and suggests ending this harmful tradition.

Kinjil agrees with Nandini, explaining that Roopa Bhabhi is also not happy because she got married for the sake of dowry, and now even her parents are not happy with the way she talks. Anousya Baa says Samta made her daughter ill-spoken, and Kinjil leaves to take part in the school campaign against dowry.


After hearing Hemraj say he cannot live with Naren and Nandini, Nandini says she will leave the house. Hemraj refuses to return the Dowry.

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