Maati Se Bandhi Dor 2nd June 2024 Written Episode Update: Vaiju’s Stand Against Injustice

Maati Se Bandhi Dor

Maati Se Bandhi Dor 2nd June 2024 Written Episode Update on

Aai recalls Vaiju’s words, saying Ranvijay will like Jaya, a city girl. She cries. Vaiju takes care of the cow Raja. She says Raja should be fine, and I have called the doctor. Kaveri says I’ll keep your mind calm. Vaiju prays for Raja. Kaveri says I’ll do the puja and come. The man asks people to tell Vasundhara about their problems.

They stay away and talk. Jaikant says Vaiju called me, and her cow is sick. Jaikant recalls Vaiju. He asks the doctor to get out. Vasundhara comes. Jaikant asks her to see Vaiju’s matter. The doctor greets her and asks for a place to treat the animals. Jaikant sends him away. Vaiju gets Raja to take care of him.

She sees Vasundhara giving a speech. She asks about the doctor. The man says he has come but has been sent away. Vaiju gets angry. She asked if we would get a solution if you were the problem. Vasundhara thinks I can’t believe you’ve come back here to do a drama again; calm down. He says you want people chanting your name. The bitter truth is we do Nandi puja, and you don’t care about the animals.

Vasundara says your animal wasn’t well taken care of. Ranvijay meets Jaya. Falaq se….plays… He says I couldn’t talk to Vaiju. I called Kaveri, who was drunk. Maybe you spoke with my mother. She works hard in the field, and if she drinks to get sleep at night, then what does it matter to you? Stop contacting my family. My family has strong women. Ranvijay says even a strong woman raised me. She praises Vaiju.

Vasundhara and Jaikant argue with Vaiju. She sees Jaikant attacking the cow. She pushes him away. Vasundara’s picture gets torn. Ranvijay says he can do anything to get you, but he needs to know your interest. Kishor taunts their love story. He says Jaya cannot be trusted, and she cannot make decisions regarding her life. Ranvijay scolds him for not understanding her. Kishor says, wow, you guys are made for each other. Kishor leaves. Jaya becomes sad.

When Jaikant hits Vaiju with a rod, Saleem is hit on the head. Vasundara shouts Jaikant. Vaiju shouts to Saleem and runs to him. Jaikant asks Vasundara to sit in the car. Vasundhara explains, “Look at that girl.” Vaiju sees them fleeing. She shouts for help. Kaveri comes and sees them. Vaiju takes a cart. She takes Saleem. Jaya says no one understood me until you. He smiles and sits next to her.

As Vaiju rushes Saleem to the hospital, Aai meets the Sarpanch. She says Pandit ji arranged your son’s alliance for my daughter. She shows Jaya’s photo and says she studies in the city. According to Rao Sahab, Vasundhara can speak to you about this matter because a girl called Vaiju came from your village. He explains everything to her. Vaiju and Jaikant arrive. Aai hides and hears them talking about Vaiju.

Vaiju gets Saleem to the hospital. He is taken for treatment. Vasundhara prays for him and says she will punish those people.


In the jail, Ranvijay meets Vasundara. He calls Vaiju and goes to see her. Ranvijay asks for Vaiju’s vehicle. She gives him her bike.

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