Maati Se Bandhi Dor 31st May 2024: Vaiju Confronts Santosh at the Mass Marriage

Maati Se Bandhi Dor

Maati Se Bandhi Dor 31st May 2024 Written Episode Update on

During the episode, Vaiju rides a scooter with Saleem and recalls Aai’s words. She imagines Ranvijay. Saleem asks what happened. She smiles. Ranvijay remembers Vasundhara’s words. Vaiju imagines Ranvijay again. She buys seeds. Rao Sahab tells Ranvijay everything about the girl. Ranvijay says he’s going there, I’m going to see her, how dare she hurt my mother.

Despite his concerns, Rao Sahab assures him he will handle everything. Vaiju mortgages the bangles. She says they are real gold. I have known you since childhood; your word is final. You can take the fertilizers and pay later. She smiles. He asks her to take the wood logs to the temple if she wants to earn money. Mass marriages are taking place there at the moment. She thanks him for the idea.

A foolish, illiterate girl insulted my mother. I was angry. I didn’t know you were coming. We will go to the doctor, he says. Jaya comes to meet him. He throws something. She gets hurt. He apologizes. She asks him to relax. He helps her. Vaiju and Saleem rush to the temple. She imagines Ranvijay as the tea seller. When she goes to get it, she sees another person.

Jaya says she came to return your jacket. Ranvijay asks how you came. He says you could have sent it through someone, but you could not stay without seeing me. He flirts with her. She asked what my picture was doing on your laptop screen. He says I won’t be impressed by all this. He says I have to impress your sister. He offers her a lift. He gets ready.

As Vasundhara graces marriages in the temple, she apologizes for being late. The man says she has a big heart for making donations. She asks them to start the marriage and do all the rituals. Jaya and Ranvijay are on the way. He wants your sister’s number to talk to about us. Jaya says yes and says to talk to her right away. Vaiju is on the phone with her, complaining about a guy.

Then Vaiju scolds him a lot. Jaya laughs. She says I will break your legs. He says calm down, and I made a mistake, let me tell you. She yells at him. He said sorry and gave me the phone. Jaya says enough, and he’s run away. Vaiju thinks you should take care. Let me know if he bothers you. She ends the call and prays for Jaya. Jaya asks if you spoke to my sister and impressed her.

You are sweet, but she is hard and doesn’t listen to anyone. Vaiju says she is sweet and fearless when it comes to family. He says I am the same; I will scold that girl severely.

After seeing Santosh’s picture on the board, Vaiju angrily goes there. She shouts, “Stop this marriage!” She claims injustice is taking place. Ranvijay drops Jaya. His friends compliment him. He says I’m going to have coffee and go. She says her goodbye and leaves. He asks the girls to help him. He is told to talk to Kaveri Tai, the eldest sister, and she is simple. He asks her for her phone number. Jaikant’s mother says this is the same girl who did the drama at home.

The man scolds Vaiju and says Vasundhara is doing a noble deed when she asks who is hosting this mass marriage. She looks for Santosh. She scolds him and his parents. She taunts Vasundhara. She taunts Vasundhara back and says she came to insult me. Vaiju says she doesn’t tolerate injustice, whatever is going on here is wrong, this man is already married. She points to Santosh.

She asks Vasundhara to cross-check things, as it is her responsibility. She asks Pandit if Vaiju is telling the truth. Santosh says it’s a lie. His parents call Vaiju a liar. Vaiju gives her name. She tells me that Santosh is my elder sister Kaveri’s husband and that she left me alone. Kaki taunts Kaveri.

It wasn’t my sister’s fault, Vaiju says, as Kaveri tolerated a great deal. Santosh was unemployed, drunk, and beat Kaveri, and he should apologize to Kaveri, as he’s remarrying here, and people will taunt my sister. Santosh asks her to shut up. He says she is lying, and her sister left me. Vasundhara says you have accused me as well. Can you prove that Santosh is drunk? Vaiju responds yes, keep him there for a week, and he won’t stay without alcohol.


When Jaikant hits Saleem and Vaiju, Vaiju calls the police. She complains, and Vasundhara is arrested. Ranvijay comes to the village and promises to make Vaiju apologize to Vasundhara.

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